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Excerpts of Soldiers In The King Philips War (1675-77) by George M Bodge

"King Philip's War (1675-77) was a total war for survival, and involved extensive operations by both provisional and standing militia units. King Philip's War was fought in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. During King Philip's War, up to one third of America's white population was wiped out. The fire and ruin, the blood and agony of the tomahawk and the flaming arrow were spread up and down the Connecticut River Valley, barbarous and pitiless the dripping hatchet plunging into the brains of… Continue

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What's New?

I like Genewise's main page much more than most sites I have used. Still, I think it would be nice to have more obvious notification to changes in blogs and forums and groups that I am interested in. The mail notifications stink, honestly. I don't want them in my mail. I want to open my home page and see right away what I have missed.

Yesterday, I fed my blog page and genewise's main page to Google Reader. BINGO!! There it is. I will probably add some other feeds from here, like the Dare… Continue

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Bordering on ridiculous

Considering much of my genealogy contains ancestors who were beyond "way back", and even earlier ones that folk suspect were ancestors but elude that vital connection, there is a missing link in my tree that is ridiculous.

I cannot find my great-grandmother.

I know her name, and thanks to my grandmother, I know her birth date, date of death and when she married my great-grandfather. I know she was born in New Jersey. That's it.

Her name was Kathryn Conway. The spelling of her… Continue

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OMG!!! There are 2 of me!…

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Some Italian genealogy - Maria Vincenza Margarita Balzano

Ancestors of Maria Vincenza Margarita Balzano

Generation No. 1

1. Maria Vincenza Margarita Balzano, born Oct 27, 1873 in Italy1. She was the daughter of 2. Raffaele Balzano and 3. Marie Vincenza Fortino. She married (1) Pasquale M Nessuno Aug 11, 1895 in parish of Santa Croce, Torre del Greco, Napoli, Italy2. He was born Oct 1868 in Mercato, Naples, Italy2, and died Dec 06, 1934 in Vico Trotti, Italy2.

Generation No. 2

2. Raffaele Balzano He was… Continue

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The Harry Stiles Puzzle

There are many secrets in my Stiles line. Some I will mention here as pieces to the puzzle.

Harry R. Stiles :


LDS International Gene Index

Henry R. Stiles born 1870 in NJ to Joseph Stiles and Susan A. Stiles

Susan A. Stiles born 1836 married Joseph Stiles 1869 in NJ

I don't know if Joseph and Susan are Harry's parents. The dates seem to fit.


1870 Federal Census… Continue

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Cool facts from my tree

* Dr. Daniel Wills sailed with William Penn and received from him 600 acres along the Rancocas River in Burlington County, NJ. He was among the Quakers imprisoned and persecuted in England.

* Richard Lippincott and family were among the Quakers persecuted in England. He was released from prison and given land grants in America with the understanding he would not come back to England. He did, though, more than once.

* Charles Wesley Wiley was in the Civil War

* James Ayres Dare… Continue

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Great Title!!! Gotta love it

I just saw a group on here with a fantastic title. I joined because its a good subject but I might have joined just because I love the name.

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Genealogy Disease flash

Doctors have discovered a new disease

SYMPTOMS: Obsession over finding more names, dates, and places. Patient has a blank expression on her face and often seems deaf to others. Has no taste for work of any kind, except for feverishly reading census records and entering data. Has a compulsion to write emails and spends hours sitting at a computer. Swears at the computer if there is no e-mail. Frequents strange places like cemeteries. Patient mumbles to… Continue

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uummm Hello?

Don't you get tired of having to pick titles and screen names and passwords? I sure do.

I had started several groups on here, one of which was called, "Wiley - New Jersey". I was approached about it and asked if I'd be including variant spellings and different locations. My answer was, "no". To be honest, I am not all that interested in the name itself. It is Irish. Very cool. The more lines I have that are of Irish origins, the happier I am. It was my grandmother's maiden name and… Continue

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