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Family Biography - A Lesson in Writing

Part 1- Preparing to Write a Family BiographyThis week I have been crazy busy writing family biographies. Three years ago, I began researching and writing the Kowalsky Family History Book. (I may have mentioned it once or twice before) From this process, I have learned a great deal about writing a family biography.

A biography is a life story written by someone other than the subject. A family biography is a bit different. It features more people, all related in some way. It… Continue

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5 Tips to Choosing an Online Genealogy Database

Now more than ever, I can appreciate how confusing it can be for a family historian trying to decide on which database they would like to join when beginning their family research. If you’re an armchair genealogist then certainly you want to belong to an online genealogy database. The question is which database to join?

I am here to tell you, only you can know the answer to that. How do you know?

1. Gather as much information about your ancestors prior to seeking out a… Continue

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Determining a Budget for Your Family History Book

Deciding to create a family history book can be a large undertaking and it can be an expensive undertaking. Often the process can take on a life of its own. Therefore, it is important to set parameters for your family history book. One of those parameters must include a budget. It is very important to decide on a budget for your book in conjunction with deciding on the size and scope of your book. A great way to determine your budget is to ask yourself some key questions.

Do I… Continue

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Tips to Becoming a More Productive Genealogist

1.Determine Your Genealogy Goals- without a goal and a path you will wander aimlessly, accomplishing very little. Setting goals and creating an action plan for a achieving your goals are imperative to staying the course. Don’t hesitate to revisit these goals throughout the year.

2.Create a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routine- set time aside each week to work on your genealogy project.

3.Create a Schedule or To-Do-List – break down your goals into actions, schedule your… Continue

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Preserving Your Family History- The Best Options

Many family historians spend their entire lives collecting documents, pictures and stories of their ancestors. Their project usually starts out as a keen interest in whom they are and where they come from. The journey becomes not only about acquiring the proof of their ancestors existence but it also becomes a journey of personal self-discovery. For this, the proof that exists in the documents, photos and stories that they acquire become very valuable to them. Here lies the problem. This… Continue

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