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Migration from the Beginning of Time, What?



      After  doing research to complete my presentation to the Genealogical Society I have decided to make a few                notes here.  


      Migration happend once we were created.  YDNA and genetic researchers are saying that  we migrated    out of Africa  to the north and then east and west.  New information surfacing is considering muddling those waters.  When are they not muddled.


      It seems the state of Georgia has some…


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More on Migration

  Burbank's Jamboree, had comments a plenty on Migration and Migration Routes, how to locate in census, how to locate in land files, BLM land Records and about any way you look migration can be picked up and pulled out to add to ones family history what they did, where they went and how to find if we loose them on the trail.

Leland M did a fast, packed, and paced talk on routes across the eastern seaboard coming later into the mid west to the Pacific Ocean.

 Almost every…


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Maps and more Maps


  As a major user of maps in my genealogy adventures I wanted to share this post from NGS to those whom read 

this blog. Yes, you can pass it along also.

Maps can unlock doors, direct you where you really need to be looking and explain how a person lived in four 

places and never moved.

   I also suspect that few genealogists are members of NGS and are aware of this information.




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Some Activities to Share Migration and more Migration Information



 June 29, 2011 I will be presenting a talk on Migration Patterns to our local Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

 Here in is a synopsis and I am willing to present to the Thursday night group at 6 pm the same information after 

  29 June.  Vital Records time.


  Migration Patterns

I will be presenting information on some…


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