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Why I Believe Francis Cooke Was English


    The reason for this article came about after a rather public argument I had with a person who is considered the greatest authority on the history of all things Mayflower and the Scrooby movement and the Walloon church. I myself believe this to be true to an extent. I did find him to be mistaken in a couple of matters that I have researched most diligently. He had made the statement and published it in books that Francis Cooke of the Mayflower was a Walloon. I vigorously disagree…


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Grandfathers Story: A Summery Of Two Canadian Gangsters

In the late 1800's in the town of Galatz, Romania a pogram against the Jews of that town took place. In the dark of night on a fall evening a 10 year old Lillian Rosenberg was secreted away from the burning and killing of the ghetto. After witnessing the killing of her parents a group of gypsies rescued her from certain death and smuggled her away never to see Rumania again.

I cannot to this day imagine the utter horror and sorrow she must have experienced. The anguish she must have…


Added by Gerald S. Hayes U.E. on March 23, 2017 at 10:13am — 3 Comments


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