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Newspapers and Your Local News

Local News 

Over the years, local news found in hometown newspapers has run the gambit, from the very serious to news that isn’t necessarily hard-core journalism.

Some of the articles you might find relevant to your genealogy…


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Learning More About English Occupations

By Shannon Bennett, Student

Many of my and my husband’s family come from England. Lots. Lots and lots. Did I say quite a few?  Well, needless to say I am intrigued by the records that are over there but at times I do not understand exactly what is being said. We sort of speak the same language.…


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Clues in Photographs: Women’s Clothing

Women’s Clothing 1830 – 1890 

When researching the lives of our ancestors in photographs it’s hard not to notice all of the changes happening through time. Some changes were big while others were small and may go unrecognized.  Take for instance women's clothing during the 1800s. …


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Headstones and Cemeteries

Headstones and Cemetery Indexes 

Your ancestor’s headstone can indicate both their date of birth and death. However, this information is only as accurate as the person providing the information to the stone carver. Always locate other sources to confirm the dates carved into the stone.  

If you have a death certificate and it states the name of a cemetery, Google the cemetery name. Then add the word “Index” to your search. Sometimes you will…


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Your Grades

How do I get my grades? 

Within six weeks of the course end date, your grade will appear in your student Briefcase. Click My Briefcase to access your grades for all the courses you have taken.  



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Identifying Military Uniforms in Photographs

Military Uniforms in Photographs 

To correctly identify military uniforms in photographs, it is necessary to read reference books and related websites about the particular branch of the military in its specific country during the correct historical time period. There are absolutely no rules about how a military designed its uniforms over time, although there are a few observations that can be made about military uniforms in…


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Financial Matters and Your Genealogy Business

Your Genealogy Business

Tracking money is not just mindless busywork. It has a purpose. Keeping track of money as it flows in and out of your business is a process that is key to providing you with the necessary information on how your business is doing which leads to better decision making. Managing your financial resources will involve the following aspects of money management:

  • accounting/bookkeeping/budgeting
  • profit/loss
  • cash flow
  • tax…

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Course Registration

How do I register for a course?  

Simply click Subscribe and complete the form. Make sure all information is complete and accurate then click the Submit button. You will receive a message confirming receipt of your registration.  …


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There's More to the US Census

By Shannon Bennett, Student

How many of you knew that there were other types of US Census schedules?  If you did know, did you know how many different types there are? I knew about a couple of them but I had no idea that there were so many.

Library of Congress Prints and…


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Newspapers Offer Insight

Valuable New Stories 

Newspapers give us insight into life as it was during our ancestor’s time. While still driven by advertising, the newspapers of old often held more personal information than we find in today’s equivalent.  

In addition to vital statistic type data you…


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Your Ancestor's Locations

Your Ancestor’s Locations 

It is extremely important to learn about the location(s) our ancestors lived. We need to be aware of when certain jurisdictions were formed, what records were kept and when, which jurisdictions were responsible for keeping specific records, and what records are currently accessible.

Keep in…


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How do I get a Certificate in Genealogical Studies?

So you want a Certificate in Genealogical Studies

Upon successful completion of  40 courses in your Certificate Program and achieving a minimum grade of D, you will receive a Certificate in Genealogical Studies. …


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Associations and Occupations

By Shannon Bennett, Student

Do you ever read something and feel your head getting full? That feeling of “oh no, this is a lot of stuff, how am I ever going to remember it all?” Well, that’s the feeling I have right now after finishing the next section of the English: Occupation-Professions and Trades course.…


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Why did you Trace Your Ancestors?

Why would you want to trace your ancestors?

Well, there are a number of good reasons, but let’s face it, most people trace their ancestors for curiosity’s sake. Others trace their ancestors because they want to know about their different ethnic backgrounds. Others want to trace their roots simply for an increased understanding of just who they are and where they came from. Someone else may need proof of their heritage to gain special benefits from…


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Basic Timelines

Building a Basic Timeline 

More often than not, you will want to create a basic timeline for your problem ancestor. Start with information about all of the events in their life, including their birth and death dates, any marriages, birth and death of any children, the death of a spouse, and death of parents. You might also want to incorporate relevant information about the locations you are working with, for example, boundary changes.…


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Virtual Genealogical Association Conference

Added by Gena Philibert Ortega on August 27, 2019 at 9:29am — No Comments

Searching for my grandfather's family in Poland

In 2018, I discovered and visited the town of Kraśnik in Eastern Poland where my maternal grandfather's family - his mother Maria Zagórska and two sisters of my grandfather with their husbands and children emigrated to in 1943. I visited the town cemetery and found a grave of my great-grandmother and of the sister of my grandfather (Maria Proficz nee Zagórska).

I left a note there, where I indicated my name and contacts. In a few days I received an e-mail... This is how I found my aunt…


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I2a1a2 - I-S17250 - I-PH908

In 2017. Olga Utevska, a geneticist from Ukraine, wrote her dissertation paper in which she stated that the greatest diversity of I2a1a2 DYS448 = 19 (!!) haplotypes was in Ukraine and Belarus.

When I read the paper few days ago, at first I thought that she expressed herself imperfectly because it is a known fact that the greatest I-P37.2 (!!) haplotype diversity is in Ukraine, Belarus and southern Poland, but she was explicit: “the greatest diversity of DYS448 = 19 haplotypes”, which,…


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Your Summer Surprise!!

A surprise gift just for you! For one day only (24 hours) you can save:

25% off 1 course package (maximum savings $862.50) with code: pk2019ss at checkout.


50% off 1 course (maximum savings $80.00) with code: sc2019ss at…


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Recording Your Information

Recording your information

The Pedigree Chart (or Ancestral Chart) will record your direct line ancestors’ information. In other words, you will record the dates and locations of births, marriages, deaths and burials from one father and mother to the next father and mother. While the potential is there for an endless number of ancestors, most of us in the beginning only have knowledge of two or three generations.…


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