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This morning we received a report of a spammer sending emails to GenealogyWise members. That person has been removed from the website.

GenealogyWise takes spamming very seriously. Member requests are monitored closely, When we receive a report of spamming, we remove that person from the website immediately. All content should also be removed,

If you received an email from the spammer (J McLaughlin), please know that they do not have your email address. Their post on your member page automatically generated an email from the website. They never had access to your email address, unless you have publicly posted it.

Thank you to those who reported it. We work to keep this a safe place to interact with fellow researchers.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 

Cheryl Levy
GenealogyWise Admin

Last updated by Cheryl Levy PLCGS Jan 11.




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