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Learn More about US Newspaper Records

Newspapers are an essential  resource for tracing our ancestors and now with so many websites hosting digitized newspapers, researchers can access more information about their ancestors than ever before.

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies is proud to announce the update to our popular US Newspaper Records course.

This course will introduce you to newspapers as a genealogical resource; from an introductory overview of newspapers, and a look at the history of American newspapers to accessing newspapers online. A look at how you may already be using newspapers will be examined. The different kinds of information, from basic vital record details to local news and historical or biographical items will be discussed with emphasis on how to get the most genealogical information by knowing what types of news items will have what kinds of facts and what may require additional research. Finally you will be introduced to the different ways to find and access newspapers including interlibrary loan, newspaper morgues, microfilm, and online.

To learn more about topics covered in this course, see our website.

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