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The GenealogyWise Chat Room Guidelines can be found at, ; I am also posting them here for convenience.

  • GenealogyWise members are encouraged to use the Chat Room to ask genealogical questions, comments, tips, etc. Please refrain from posting negative remarks about other people in the Chat Room.
  • During scheduled Chats, please refrain from conducting personal chats.
  • Although you can enter the Chat at anytime, it would be great if you could enter 10 minutes prior to the scheduled chat so that the host can get an idea of how many members will be participating.
  • Upon entering the Chat Room, please introduce yourself so that the Host knows how many people are participating. You can do this by just typing ‘Hi’ or introducing yourself.
  • While the Host is presenting, please refrain from typing in any comments or questions, unless the hosts asks for that feedback. The Host will provide time at the end of the presentation for participant questions or comments. Each Host will present their topic differently, but in general there will be 15-30 minutes of presentation, followed by a question and answer period.
  • Always treat others courteously, even if you disagree. We can disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Lurking is allowed. You are not required to participate in the discussions.
  • Some Chat Hosts will provide a written handout. In those cases, they will be posted under the Chat link,

  • We welcome new hosts who are interested in presenting about any genealogical topic. For more information, please contact Gena Philibert Ortega at
  • We ask that all chat presentations be the chat hosts original work. In the case where a chat host is quoting or excerpting material from other authors, please give proper credit to that author in the chat as well as on the chat transcript.
  • In the case where you would like to share a transcript of your chat either before or after the chat, please email it to Gena at

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