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A Solution to Spamming: All Members Please Read

Occasionally, GenealogyWise has been the target of spammers.  These spammers get past the tools that Ning gives us and then proceeds to send inappropriate messages to members.  In order to combat spam we had previously made it so all blog posts need to be approved.  That has helped to stop spammers sending messages via blog posts.  But we needed to do something that would stop them from sending messages to community members.

So we have now changed the way new people can become members of GenealogyWise.  Starting now, new members must be approved before accessing the site.  This will help stop GenealogyWise from being the target of spammers.

I'm sorry for any inconvenice the spamming has caused our members.  With this new tool the spamming should become a non issue.

Gena Philibert Ortega
Community Manager

Last updated by Gena Philibert Ortega Sep 9, 2010.




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