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What surnames are you interested in researching?
Bache, Dunn, Crockford, Packman, Monk, Mills,
Ashton / Ashdowne, Smith, Hilstead ? Turner, Taylor, Edman, Browning Wiffin / Whiffen, Simpson, Green,
Vass, Stone, Batten, Sweet, Warley, Maggs, May, Barton,
Burke, Birk, Sayers / soars, Fitzgibbon, Holmes, King,
Wright, Worthing, Newcombe
What countries and other locations are you interested in researching?
Surrey, Kent, England, Ireland, Upper Canada, Germany ? NSW & Victoria Australia
What is your level of genealogy knowledge?
Intermediate Family History Researcher
If you are a genealogy expert, what are your specialties?
Australian Research,
For what reason did you start genealogy research?
I have always had a great love of family and history, I guess the stories my grandmother used to tell got me interested in my ancestry, researching for me has become an addiction, I also love to look at social history and document as much as I can from many different types of records and newspapers, I love to write and have been able to tell some of their stories in poetry form just to make it a little more interesting

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  • Kathryn Brannigan Walizer


    Ellie here is website the expains the halloween traditions around the world
    kathryn brannigan walizer
  • Patricia Knowles

    Thanks so much for all the info that you sent through. I was happy to receive it. I have a lot of this information already so I guess what I was hoping would happen was that there would be someone around who had some family history for these families. I know that I am extrmely lucky as there is so much already written about Diana and her family....but I just want more. Thanks again for what you sent through. P
  • Helen

    Howdy Miss Ellie. Thank you for your kind welcome. I really dig your family tree. Does it grow nuts? :o)