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Alan Michael Stanier's Groups (16)

  • Descendants N Ancestors ®

    132 members Latest Activity: Feb 18, 2014 You're a Descendant from the most Amazing people in the World......your Ancestors! Thier lives shaped and influenced yours. It's easy to understand…

  • Ancestry Family Tree users

    680 members Latest Activity: Jun 6, 2019 This group was created for anyone who uses for their family tree , or anyone needing help from someone who is a member of

  • London Genealogy

    141 members Latest Activity: Feb 3, 2019 Help with your Family History in London, including the Middlesex, Kent, Essex and Surrey borders

  • Middlesex Genealogy

    63 members Latest Activity: Oct 11, 2018 Middlesex areas including those that are now in London

  • Webb Genealogy

    38 members Latest Activity: May 23, 2019 Group for anyone researching the surname Webb and any known variations.

  • Southall

    7 members Latest Activity: May 20, 2011 A group for those researching the surname Southall.

  • Perry Family Genealogy and Variant Spellings

    24 members Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2018 A group designed for the research and discussion of the Perry families, including the associated variants (See featured topic). Post your findings…

  • Neal

    9 members Latest Activity: Jan 23, 2014

  • Mitchell Surname

    21 members Latest Activity: Feb 3, 2019 This group is for anyone researching the Mitchell surname.

  • Lloyd / Loyd Family Research Center

    21 members Latest Activity: Jan 23, 2014 A centralize location for the discussion and research of the Lloyd / Loyd surnames.

    Please use the group discussion option if you would like…

  • Lee Surname and Variants

    22 members Latest Activity: Feb 3, 2019 Whether you're researching the Lee families of Connacht, Kerry, Tipperary, Ulster, Virginia, or eslewhere, this group's for you. Variant spelling? No…

  • Hall Family Genealogy

    81 members Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2018 A group for researching the surname Hall.

  • Evan(s) Family Genealogy

    39 members Latest Activity: Mar 29, 2018 Whether your Evan(s) was English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh, this is where you can research and discuss the Evans Family. Come discover your Evans…

  • Elkin(s) Surname

    14 members Latest Activity: Jan 8, 2015 A place for researchers to share resource and ask questions about the Elkin(s) surname.

  • Barker Surname

    12 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2018 This is a group set up for anyone who is interested in researching the BARKER surname.

  • Stanier, Stonehewer, and variants

    3 members Latest Activity: Dec 11, 2009 A group for anyone interested in the Stanier surname, and variants (Stonehewer, Stonhewer, Stanyar, Stanyer, Stonier, Stonyer).




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