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My Uncle PF Mc Hugh was a doctor in Belgium and France at evac hospitals, I have his letters I will get them out over wkend and scan them perhaps som of your rellies or others were his patients.



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that wood be nice my dad was gased in ww1 mayu be he helped my dad
That's cool Kathryn. Maybe he worked on Henry?  LOL

Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. My persons name was Henry A. Wipfler.

Did you ever find anything good from the letters?

Kathryn,  On behalf of the Miami County Indiana Historical Museum I am volunteering to help find information on the Red Cross nurses from their county that served in WWI.  They are planning a big WWI weekend of events Armistice Day 2018.  Do you know where your Uncle was in France?  I am looking,  right now at least,  for info on base hospitals 21 and base hospital 61 in France.  If your uncle was at either of those hospitals I would be really interested in his letters.  Thanks,  Mary



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