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Comment by Nancy Carter on October 4, 2009 at 2:01pm
I have a mystery concerning Sally Womack that married Louis Young about 1870. They resided in Wood County until Sally died about 1900. Who were Josh and Nora Womack?
Comment by Deason Hunt on October 4, 2009 at 4:32pm
The Wood County Genealogical Society Bulletin, a weblog of resources, society activities, queries, and other information and research opportunities for Wood County, Texas is one month old. The blog is at (The clickable link is above on this page.) We invite you over to take a look and hope that if you have queries to post or information that you can add in the comments to each post that you will feel free to participate there.
Comment by Deason Hunt on October 6, 2009 at 8:51am
I liked the variety of activities for the September meeting of the Tri-State Genealogical Society of Evansville, Indiana as posted in their Captain's Log.

6:30 PM Individual Research Assistance (Bring your information)
7:30 PM Regular Monthly Meeting
Program: "Basics & Beyond" - Mary Lou Bevers
Discussion Groups: "German Research" - Karin Kirsch
OR "Cemetery & Funeral Homes" - Connie Conrad

Any comments about this you'd like to share, just ADD COMMENT to the COMMENT WALL.
Comment by Betty Vaughn on October 6, 2009 at 9:50am
I wanted to share this family photo of the Shaw family of Wood Co. Mary Jane Maddox married Thomas Jefferson Shaw. and had 11 children. They were my husband's grandparents. Thomas died in June of 1900 and 1900 was written on this photo. As Thomas Sr. is not in photo it is possible that this was taken as the family gathered for his funeral.

The photo can be viewed at the Wood County Texas Genealogy Coffee Klatch on the comments wall over at Genealogwise.
Comment by Betty Vaughn on October 6, 2009 at 9:53am
Thomas Shaw served in the Confederate Army from Alabama. After the
war, with his wife and ten children, left their home near Vernon, Lamar Co,
AL and migrated to Quitman, Wood Co, TX. He was a farmer for most of
his life. He had lost part of his hand in the war and wore a specially
designed glove with a strap to hold implements and tools such as an axe
and hoes.
Mary Jane and Thomas Jefferson Shaw had two sets of twins. First William
A. (Billy) and Mary Elizabeth (Betty) in 1859, then Andrew Jackson and
Thomas Jefferson, Jr. in 1869.
Thomas served in the Confederate Army Co. I 43rd Alabama Infantry
Regiment. About 1880 he with his wife and ten of Thier children, left
Thier home near Vernon, Lamar County, Alabama and migrated to Concord
Community, six miles from Quitman, Wood County, Texas where he farmed
rest of his life. He lost part of his hand in the war and wore an
especially design glove with a strap to hold implements ( axe handles-hoe
handles-etc.) he was using.
part of a note about his company
"I" Company, may 12,1862 Rendezvous at Tuscaloosa. May 13-June
4,1862 Remained in camp. June 5-9, 1862 Left Tuscaloosa with orders to
join the regiment in Mobile. Marched to Newbern fifty one miles, took
railroad to Salma about 10 miles and took a steamboat to Mobile about 300
miles June 10,1862. June 11-24,1862 remained in camp in Mobile until
ordered to Chattanooga. June 25-29,1862 took steamboat from Mobile to
Montgomery, Thence by railroad to Chattanooga. June 30, 1862 Arrived at
Chattanooga at night and pitched tents at camp Forney, where we are now
Comment by Deason Hunt on October 6, 2009 at 12:37pm
Another idea I like comes from a March 2008 meeting at the North Platte, Nebraska Genealogical Society:
"The Genealogy Kitchen Sink is fast approaching. That's what the North Platte (NE) Genealogical Society members are calling the March meeting. It's like a mini-fair where members can bring displays of projects, family treasures, ideas, books, ..." The rest of the story is at this clickable link:

Any comments about this you'd like to share, just ADD COMMENT to the COMMENT WALL over at Genealogywise.
Deason: I went to the above link: etc, and it says that webpage is no longer available or either we got the wrong information typed in. Please check it out. thanks, Dorothy H
This is the correct link to the "Genealogy Kitchen Sink" post above:





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