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I was up at the library today, and I noticed that a couple of machines in the genealogy area were gone. Does that mean that the microfiche reader and microfilm reader/printer are not working and have been removed. The old microfilm reader (the one without a printer) had been returned. Does anyone know the answer?

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Deason: Sorry, to not know about this site until now, but yes, I know about those machines. After much discussion with the librarian and another member, we decided they were not of use to us, and had them removed. The old reader was reinstalled for the time being, until we can appropriate funds for a new or refurbished reader/printer. We also, still have the micro-fish reader to use.
Hope this answers your question, if further info desired, contact me. Dorothy, V. President,
Wood Co. Gen. Soc.
Thanks, Dorothy. I suspected as much.
I keep hearing about our supposed need for a (very expensive) reader/printer and I am opposed to the idea.
I agree that we probably need to retain the microfilm reader, as bad as it is, but the need for it declines every day. You might remember that I did a program a year or so ago telling the reasons why the need for a microfilm reader has almost declined to zero and will continue to do so. I think I can repeat that story in person or in print if anyone is interested.
Mark: I disagree partially with you about the lack of needing a reader/printer. Where can you find copies of the old newspapers (Democrat & Echo) or any local newspaper on computer to look up where someone died or was in a school activity? Just last week, I have been asked to provide someone with 3 articles concerning the first ever football team from Quitman that went to state playoffs and it concerned the person's father-in-law, who was a coach back then. I asked for permission as an officer of society to take the roll to Mineola library to get a copy made from micro-film, however, their equipment was down and could not do it. I agree the film was either bad from the start or it is deterreating as each time it is exposed to light. Just my feeble thoughts. DH
Well, we've finished the reorganization and remodeling of the our Genealogy Research Center housed in the Quitman Public Library. You can see them by clicking here ----> Click This Link





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