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The earliest known Wise/Wyse I have in my family tree is an Alexander Wise/Wyse, who was born in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland. He married a Martha Low, who was also born in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland. According to my research, they had a George Wise/Wyse who was born c October 1648 in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland.

George married May 14, 1680 in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland, a Katheren Dollace, believed to have been born in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland. They had David Wise/Wyse, who was born c July 1681 in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland.

David is believed to have married Sep 8, 1709 in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland, a Jean Young. She was born in Kincardine, Kincardineshire, Scotland and died in Kincardineshire, Scotland. They had John Wise, Sr. (1721-1780)

It is recorded that John Wise, Sr., son of David and Jean Wise, was born 1721 in Arbuthnott Parish, Kincardine, Kincardineshire, Scotland. It is also recorded that John married Margaret Tait (born 1722), in Maryculter Parish Church, Kincardinshire, Scotland. John and his sons William and Jacob served in the South Carolina Militia during the American Revolutionary War. In 1780 John, Sr. was arrested by the English Army at his plantation home on Horse Creek for providing aid and comfort to the local rebels (South Carolina Militia soldiers). He died that same year while imprisoned aboard the old English Prisoner-of-War ship "Forbay" in Charles Towne Harbor, South Carolina. His burial place is unknown. It is possible that he may have been buried at sea, near Charleston Harbor.

Through John Wise and Margaret Tait, my line goes as follows:
William Wise (b Jan 29, 1743/44 in Maryculter Parish, Kincardineshire, Scotland, d May 13, 1816 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA) m 1778 in Beaufort Dist., South Carolina Sarah Margaret Denmark (b c1762 in Craven, Province of North Carolina, d 1821 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA)
Ann Jane "Jincy" Wise (b c1796 in Screven, Georgia, USA, d 1863 Bulloch, Georgia (Confederate State) m 1810 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA, her 1st cousin Judge and GA Senator: Malachi Moye Denmark, Sr. (b 1790 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA, d Oct 14, 1846 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA)
James Denmark (b Jun 13, 1819 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA, d Nov 21, 1896 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA) m Jan 22, 1840 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA, Susan/Susannah Jones (b Dec 20, 1820 in Bulloch, Georgia, Usa, d Dec 7, 1860 in Bulloch, Georgia USA)
Margaret Rebecca Denmark (b Feb 23, 1854 in Bryan, Georgia, USA, d Sep 9, 1931 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA) m Sep 15, 1872 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA, William Jakel Clanton (b Mar 10, 1849 in Bryan, Georgia, USA, d Nov 9, 1927 in Bulloch, Georgia, USA)
Columbus Brooks "Lum" Clanton (b Jun 22, 1877 in Stilson, Bulloch, Georgia, USA, d May 9, 1959 in Miami, Dade, Florida, USA), m Jan 30, 1917 in Miami, Dade, Florida, USA as his 3rd wife Mary Ann Nall (b Mar 20, 1890 in Carthage, Moore, North Carolina, USA, d Jul 23, 1976 in Miami, Dade, Florida, USA). Columbus and Mary Ann Clanton were my mother's maternal grandparents.

I'd be interested in knowing if any one has any information about the ancestry of Alexander Wise/Wyse.

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Claude, my great-grandmother Edna Lee Wise Dixon is descended from this family. Her line is as follows: Edna Lee Wise -> Riley Newton Wise & Lelia V. Morgan -> Henry William Wise & Celia Anna Lewis -> Jacob Wise & Mary Ann Bird -> Preston Wise & Ann Jones -> William Wise & Sarah Margaret Denmark -> John Wise & Margaret Tait. I have all of the information you have, so I can't add much, but the Katherine Dollace who married George Wise was actually a Dallas. Her parents were James Dallas and Katherine Wise. You can find their names in The History of the Family of Dallas: And their Connections and Descendants from the Twelfth Century by James Dallas, published 1921.

Hi. I know this is old but doing some research recently. I think a few people and sites have co-mingled ancestry information on the Wise/Wyse families. There are two that get mixed up. There is the Wise family from England one the Wyse/Wise from Scotland. It appears that the Scottish one arrived later and into SC or NC living in SC where many Scots made their way. it is possible that John Wise was the prisoner on the British ship for aiding Revolutionary troops (tho I have not seen any doc just mentions on sites). But his family is NOT the ones that settled in Bulloch CO GA and not the ones related to the Denmarks. Those are the Wises from Accomack, VA and have been in the US since 1617. So if you are related to the GA Wise family, you might start tracing back to the VA Wises. My relatives were go up from the William Wise of GA (all of my mom’s family is from South GA) and something like 5 levels of Johns who were all from VA. William was the son of John and he was the one who moved to GA. Many of these guys have tombstones in the Wise cemetary in VA, furthering the proof. Many were involved in early US govt.

No, the William Wise it Bulloch County, GA was not descended from the Virginia Wise family. John Wise in “Seeds of a Saxon” does a pretty good job of tracking the origins of this misconception that was introduced in the early 1900s by a DAR member who was eager to establish connections to English nobility. William Wise of Bulloch County was most likely born in Scotland (according to his grandson Thomas Irving Denmark) and was in Beaufort County, SC in 1790 before moving to Georgia. He is listed in the 1790 Census there. Before that he was in Granville County, Orangeburgh District, SC where he is pretty well represented in deed records.
My post should read: “No, William Wise of Bulloch County, GA was not descended from the Virginia Wise family.” Please email me at if you would like copies and transcripts of the records I mentioned.





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