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I am researching the West who originated in the UK and migrates to the US in the early 1600's. Some of the older West settled in VA, NC. SC, GA, LA, MS, TX,, AZ ARK, TN, etc. We have taken the Y-DNA test. So if you think you are a relative or would like to correspond, please do so. 

I am from the West from Westbrook Township, Sampson County, NC

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I would like to follow.  I am from the West from PA, Fayette County.  I have traced to 1700s around NJ, VA, PA.

What are your oldest West Ancestor?  Mine is James West, b. 1725, NC. Have your family  taken the Y-DNA test yet? Even though we have gone back to the 1650's.

I think it is John West b 1749 PA, died 1790 MD.  No I have not taken the test. I am still sorting out and finding details of the earlier generations.  Will you share details about the test, either here or privately?

Hi DWest,

A direct West male has to test. You need to get in touch with a testing company or the Wesr Project, so that you can send for the Kit. You will have to take two swabs  from the mouth at 8 hour intervals.  A group of 25 marked cost about $169. My brother tested through the FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA). There are over 37 groups of West tested matched and some that don't match any one. 

 What part of VA are you relatives from?  My West are from the Isle of Wight, VA migrate to Surry Co, NC, to Edgecombe County, Johnston County, Sampson County, Fayette County, GA, etc. Alice






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