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The Left Coast Eisteddfod is a Welsh-American Performing Arts festival in Portland, Oregon in August 2009.

An Eisteddfod is a Welsh performing arts festival and competition, held in Wales since the 12th century and today all over the world, wherever Welsh people emigrated, including Australia, Canada, Argentina and the United States.The National Eisteddfod in Wales is that country's premier cultural event, which draws competitors and performers from all over the world in music, literature, poetry, dance, theater and visual arts, and is attended by hundreds of thousands and seen by millions more people around the world on television. As Saint Patrick's Day is Irish, the Highland Games are Scottish - the Eisteddfod and its competitive performance of song and story are Welsh.

This year's event will include:

A separately ticketed Friday night rock concert, 21 August 2009, with Portland bands Jesus Presley, Western Aerial, Runaway Norm and the SlimJims;

A separately ticketed Saturday evening concert, 22 August 2009, includes:
BBC Radio Wales' Chris Needs

Acclaimed tenor Bruce Anderson

Portland singer-songwriter Tyler Stenson

Oceans Apart

A daytime Welsh Market, 21 and 22 August 2009, with entertainment and children's activities from 9:00AM to 5:30PM; an afternoon literary salon with Welsh authors Niall Griffiths and Chris Keil; a presentation by sculptor and master lovespoon carver David Western; the US premier of two films from Wales; a Welsh language seminar and much more -

View a slideshow on the event and see our online competitions.

This is truly an International Eisteddfod so join the fun.

The Ace Hotel only a few blocks from the event is offering specials to Eisteddfod participants. Each room in this hotel is individually decorated.

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Wish I had read of this event sooner. It sounds wonderful. Is it held in Portland every year?
2009 was the first year they had it. my friend was the 1st place photography winner that was judged by Glynn Davies & she has yet to receive her award. And her photo was censored out of the Winners announcement on Americymru
Well I stand corrected, when I had lunch with my friend she told me that she did in fact receive her award finally



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