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My branch of the ARNEY family's stay in Virginia was brief, yet I can find no actual documentation of their existence in the area of Wythe County, Virginia (around 1790-1805).


My Peter ARNEY, moved to the area of Wythe County, Virginia, between 1790-1793, where he married a woman named Margaret (maiden name, not known).  He began is family, Margaret, 1790-1793, Adam, 1797, John 1802, etc.


Around 1799, Peter ARNEY, left the area, moving to the Cumberland area of Kentucky and Tennessee.

His name is found on a 1801 petition to halt the annexation of Smith and Wilson Counties, in Tennessee, to form a new county.


Which failed, because his name is next found on the 1802 Tax Roll for Jackson County, Tennessee (newly formed).


His name is next found on an 1813 petition for the War of 1812, in Overton County, Tennessee


He purchased 200 acres of land, from John Sevier, in Overton County, Tennessee, in 1814.


His name first appears, on the 1820 US Federal Census, State of Tennessee, Overton County.


Q? So, how did he continue to have children born, in Virginia, if he was now in Tennessee?

My best guess for this is, that he didn't take his wife and young children with him, while venturing to Tennessee, but may have returned during the Winter months, to be with his wife and children, until he had things ready in Tennessee.


Peter Arney's name doesn't appear on any of the Tax Rolls, for Wythe County, Virginia, that I have been able to find.  However, his brother, Tobias's name does, perhaps, his family was living on Tobias' land, during their brief stay.


I seek, what I term DTP (Definitive Tangible Proof), which can be, but is not limited to, birth/baptism records, church records, marriage records, land deals (purchases/sales), death records/certificates, grave markers, tax rolls, probate records,Wills, etc.


My Peter ARNEY and his family's stay in the area of Wythe County, Virginia, was very brief, but I still would like to find some evidence, some proof, of their existence there.


After all, early researchers of this family surname, ARNEY, in the 1950's, put "two and two together", which means they had to find some type of documentation, that put my Peter ARNEY and his family there, during that time.


Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

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