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 I am trying to prove or disprove  who the partents of Letica Crockeyy was. Many of her decendants have listed her parents as  Joesph Louis Crockett and Sarah Stuart on The problen is there is no souce  / proof. How do I find prove. What I know is Leticia Crockett bornStep. 10, 1719 Prince Edward County, Va.  Leticia Crockett married Robert Campbell date and year unknown. Thier childern were Elizabeth Campbell born 1744 Prince Edward Co. Va. Anna Campbell 1748 Prince Edward Co. VA. Catherine Campbell born 1750  Prince Edward Co. VA. Alexzander Campbell born 1753 Prince Edward Co, Va. married Amy Eaton when and where unknown, this is my line. Alexzander died in  Hawkins Co. , Tn , so I been told. have no death date.  Leticia and Robert may have had other childern but thease are the ones I know of.  Leticia Crockett Campbell died by 1760 most likely but not proven in Prince Edward Co., Va.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be so thankful. Thank you in advance, Ms ROBIN

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I don't know if this will help but there are Crocketts mentioned in Chaulkley's Scots Irish in Augusta Cty, Va. You can Google that title or read it at the Augusta Cty genweb site. Go to then find Augusta cty's site and you will find the entire book of 3 volumes with index. It's a wonderful resource for anyone researching ancestors on the virginia frontier. I am not related to the Crocketts but I have seen that name while searching for my Malcolms.Many of these early Virginia pioneers followed Daniel Boone down through the Cumberland Gap into Tennessee. Good Luck!
Thank you for the help. I will look into it. You confrim what I akready know..genealogy people are the nicest and most helpful people there are





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