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Judith Germann

Junction City, KS, United States

Jim Avery

Dover, PA, United States

Paula Louise Spart

SouthBend, United States

Paul R. Smith

Wichita, KS, United States

Amy Rebecca Walker

Mobile, AL, United States

Sarah Moore

Marquette, MI, United States

Carol Harris

Tulsa, Ok/ Elgin, Ill, United States

Tammy Mellard Wheeler

Buchanan, GA, United States

Anja van Steel

Mornington Peninsular District,…

Paula L Spart

South Bend, IN, United States

Michelle Braakman

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Jo Kotylak

Victoria, Australia

Darlene Ford

Columbus, OH, United States

Nan Harvey

Bloomington, IN, United States

Shirley Seebeck

Chesterton, IN, United States




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