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My Underwood family start back in Evercreech in Somerset in 1695 with Jeffrey Underwood son of Jeffrie. He married Elizabeth "Betty" Hunt in Evercreech in 1720. This couple had to my knowledge two children: Joseph born 1731 and Elizabeth born 1744 in Evercreech. I am guessing that there must be more children born to this couple given the distance in ages and from their marriage date but I have yet to find them.
Elizabeth married Benjamin Dando in Farrington Gurney in 1763 they had four children: Ann 1767, William 1768, Mary 1772 and John 1774
Joseph married Mary Rawlings in 1755 in Evercreech, this couple had five children that I know of: John 1756, Mary 1757, William 1759, Mellier 1761 and James 1763.
Mary married Isaac Lumber in 1780 in Evercreech.

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