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My Tuck has been traced back to Edward Tuck (born about 1732 and died about 1781 in Halifax, VA). His father's name could possibly be Bennett Tuck.

My grandparents have done alot of research on this line and coresponded with many people. They were Wilbert & Georgia (Dowden) Tuck.

My connection to Edward is
Edward Tuck (b. 1732) --> Cary Tuck (b. 1762) --> Cary Tuck (b. 1797) --> Joesph W. Tuck (b. 1831) --> Remus Minor Tuck (b. 1872) --> Remus Eugene Tuck (b. 1897) --> Wilbert Tuck (b. 1931) -- Carrie Tuck (ME!)

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That's wonderful Carrie. Maybe we can get you beyond Edward, wouldn't that be cool?

My Tuck connection, at least in this country, is very brief, but important. Robert Tuck, immigrant ancestor, and his wife Joanna, were among the first founder's of Hampton New Hampshire. There is a Tuck Museum in Hampton which holds a lot of the records and memorabilia of the early settlers.

Anyway Robert and Joanna had a child, Mary, born in England in 1625. She married Leut. John Sanborn, and so I lose the Tuck line in America right away. Someday I'll try tracing the line in England. I do have some names but they are unverified, and I;m not just happy with names, I want the stories, and all the incidentals :)

I also have a generation or two, or have information I can search through for it. Maybe we can meet up with your line by going the other way. I managed to do that once in my genealogy career.
Edward may possibly be my great great great grandfather:
George W Tuck d: 3/31/1914>>>>>>>Joseph Tuck b: 3/20/1885 d: 8/23/1976>>>>>>Franklin Delano Tuck Sr b: 1/21/1932>>>>>>>>>Brian Dale Tuck Sr>>>>>>>>>>LeAnn Tuck(me)





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