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Looking for others in the area to share family stories with. I believe my Thomas' were also in the Fairfax County area.
Some names from this branch:
William H. Thomas, Sr
Ernest Clinton Thomas + Martha Rebecca Jones

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I had an uncle named William Henderson Thomas and he had a first cousin in TN by the same name. My grandfather's middle name was Clinton - Harvey Clinton Thomas. I found my great grandfather's information (James Alvin Thomas) on the LDS site and was able to trace back to 1743 when Martin Thomas arrived in Lebanon Twp,, Lancaster County, PA from Palatinate, Germany. My great grandfather and grandfather were born in Rose Hill, Lee County, VA.
I think my Thomas' come from England, but it has been a little while since I have done anything with the paperwork from that side of the family. I believe I have a Martin Thomas, as well, though!
Troi, The Martin (and Barbara) Thomas I found by tracing back from my great grandfather, James Alvin Thomas, came from Germany. I just typed in my great grandfather's name On the LDS site and it took me all the way back to about 1743 when Martin and Barbara arrived in PA. My great great grandfather was George Slater Thomas according to that web site. They were living in the western most county of VA, Lee County, in a little town called Rose Hill which is only about 12 miles from Cumberland Gap. I remember seeing a Shultz as the wife of one of the ancestors as I traced back to Martin and Barbara. I think the county they arrived in was Lancaster County, PA. I am not good at family tree tracing - I just got lucky.



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