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Hi all-
I'm interested in finding info on the Magnolia Cemetery in Jefferson County, as my great great great grandfather was buried there according to his death record in 1915. Has anyone done any work at this cemetery? I have seen a phone number for the cemetery, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience asking for info on relatives buried there?

I live in VA, so its hard for me to make a trip there-
thank you!

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My Grandmother is buried at Magnolia. I wrote them to find where her grave was located. They sent a map & was easy to find. This was several years ago that I was there, but a well maintained cemetery. Here's a link for photos of some grave sites...
Hope this helps.
hi Gay-

I actually called the cemetery today and asked if he was buried there, and she said yes, and she also let me know that his wife Mathilde is also there. She was very nice and very helpful. :) thank you for your response!
I have many family buried there as well and they are a GREAT cemetery to work with. Always helpful.

Here they are on Findagrave. Magnolia Cemetery
2290 Pine Street
Jefferson County
Texas USA
Phone: (409) 832-5741

You can check to see if your GGGGrandfather is listed at
According to family lore there is an old abandon cemetery located back of what was Westbury(earlier Pine Island Community)near Pine Island bayou. Does anyone have any knowledge of this cemetery? My grt-grdmother was buried there.
Russell have you found the answer to your question? I think you are referring to the Burrell Cemetery, sometimes calle the LaBelle Cemetery. I wrote about this cemetery for the 6th issue of Epitaphs Magazine. It is behind Pine Tree Lodge, a bar & grill for the hunters & fishermen and visitors. As far as I know, it is not abondoned. Just not well known by outsiders. It is on Burrell-Wingate Road.

I attempted to photograph that cemetery until the bumble bees ran me out. It was very cool and I could run faster than they could fly!.

What I did get is on There are 144 people listed. What was her name?

Kate, I forgot to mention that I reviewed this cemetery ( under Jefferson County). I gave them an A+





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