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I have seen several death certificates stating someone died in Milvid and/or were buried in Milvid. I have been searching for this cemetery for a while now. Today, I located the town and had the good fortune to meet someone who lives there and knew where the cemetery was (use to be). The land the cemetery was on is still there but there are no headstones. Not sure why. He said the headstones were wooden and time has taken them but surely some where stone. It was too wet today to go through the woods as the area is low-lying. I will go back when the ground has had time to dry up some.

You can see the pictures I took today:

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I just uploaded 6 new photos of Milvid in 1910. There is another cemetery about a mile or two further north, the Negro Cemetery. It is behind a black gentleman's home and I have not seen it to tell if the headstones are still up. I want to see and if so, photograph it because there is no telling how long before time and progress may mow over the land.

This is out in the sticks and I would not go up there alone. They have no idea who I am or what I want and back in the woods, it can be about "75 yrs ago". I don't want to upset anyone.





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