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Hi! Welcome to the Group! I hope that we can get a lot of people who are researching the Teter surname to participate. Who are you researching? What are your brick walls? Let's see if we can help each other.

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Hi Barb,
I am not sure that I should be a member of this group but I am hoping that you or members of your group can help my family sort out a genealogical mystery. My father is deceased and he did not know his birth father. We only know that his surname was "Detlor". This is not a very common name, but there a a number of derivatives; Dieter, Deter, Teter, Teeter, Tyter. This family was from the Palatine area of Germany, immigrated to Ireland and then to Canada and finally the USA. There were 8 sons all descending from a Johan Jacob Deter (Detlor, Teter, etc)

We have been searching for many years now to determine which Detlor or Teter line he descends from and during our research, we have found that there were both Detlors and Teters that were living in the Pittsburgh area (where my father was born) in 1915 (when he was born). We are trying to sort all of this out.

The Teter that was in Pittsburgh during 1915 was Granville Teter, born in WVA in 1869 to James Teter and Rebecca Yeager. Granville was a policeman there after being discharged from the army. The Detlor family (Frank and Parke) living in Pittsburgh at the time had also lived in the WVA area before moving to Pittsburgh.

I have researched both families but yet can see no relationship. My brother has had the Y-DNA test done at Family Tree DNA and we have a match with two Detlor males but the family stories seem to indicate that it was a Teter and not a Detlor so I keep hoping to find a connection between the two families that would explain the family stories and the DNA test.

Have any of the male members of your group done any Y-DNA testing?

Any information you could provide would be helpful. If you would like, I would be happy to share the city directory, census and military info that I have found showing this Granville Teter to be in Pittsburgh during the 1902-1920s.

Linda Spanos
My Teeter line is John George Teter (son of Jeorg Dieter) and Sarah Pearis. Their son George Teter, Jr married Mary Van Cleve, daughter of William Van Cleve and Abigail Frost. George and Abigail's daughter Rebecca Teeter married James Epperson 20 July 1808 in Gerrard County, KY.





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