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                          Emil J Wahlen                                   
residence:                           , Hennepin, Minnesota                                   
estimated birth year:                           1890                                   
age:                           30                                   
birthplace:                           Sweden                                   
relationship to head of household:
gender:                           Male                                   
race:                           White                                   
marital status:                           Single                                   
father's birthplace:
mother's birthplace:

this is my great grandgather he moved to england in the late 1890 and married my grandmother edith shummer but divorced 1902-3 and moved to usa have lost track after that any one with any information with any realative please

many thanks

Bev :



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Can you give us a little more help?


Where did the data at the top of your post come from? You did not say.

The posted record says he was born in 1890. That would make him very young when he got divorced in 1902-3. (????)


Do you know when he moved to USA? Immigration, passenger list or naturalization data?


Any any any  idea where he lived in USA? beyond Hennepin county? A lot of Swedes there.

he was born in sweeden 1871on some amreican site but lost me self easy done when tracing i think he did get divorced round about 1902-1903 he emmigrated after his divorce . prob between 1905 1910



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