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I'm looking for more information from the 1700's about a Kjersti Svensdotter? she was born April 24 1766 and married Per Andersson Jan 3 1793. She had six children that I know of: Ingar, Boell (died) Boell, Lusse, Elna and Sven. I'm not sure when Kjersti died, but Per Andersson died in 1828. I know KJersti's father's name is Sven, and I think her mother's name is Christina but I'm not sure. I want to find more on Kjersti's parents, particularly on her mother's side, her grandmother and great grandmother and so on.

Could anybody help me please? I can't read Swedish :(

thank you

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I'm sorry, I forgot to list the location. Kjersti was born in Tastarp, Ganarp, Sweden, and was married in Tastarp also.

In the FamilySearch Wiki there is a Tåstarp parish, Sweden which is likely your place of marriage. It is in Kristianstad county. Unfortuanately the wiki does not have much data.

Place Names 

Gratialister, Gånarp no.1- no.10, Lilla Brandsvig, Norra Kärragårda, Stora Brandsvig, Stubbarp, Södra Brandsvig, Södra Kärragårda, Toarp no.1 - no.6, Tåstarp no.1 - no.16, Tåstarps skolhus.   So this must be your "Gånarp" place. When I get to the library I will check out the marriage record.

thank you so much Mrs. Anderson!

actually Mr Anderson

more above

Looking up the marriage that you referenced, here is what I find via ArkivDigital
database. You can access ArkivDigital at a FamilySearch center (LDS) or suscribe
for a fee. Wonderful images... they were direct scanned in color!


Tåstarp CI:1(1763-1835) Image 79

[This is an old church book with old Swedish spellings. Most church books will have separate books for births,
marriages and deaths; here they are all mixed together and entered chronologically. Note that the writer spelled
"year = Åhr" rather than "År." The "h" is silent as it often is in old Swedish. Just ignor it. You can look up
genealogical words in the FamilySearch wiki under SWEDEN. 

Note also that they use W rather than v particularly in the word vigde meaning marriage. Note that W is a double V
(why do we call it a double U... it looks like a V to me). W and V are the SAME letter... you will look them up in
directories TOGETHER, never separate, even today.

Column headings in the middle of page

Månaden och    / dagen   / Åhr 1793 / Född  / Wigde  / Döde

the Month and / the day / Year 1793 / Born  / Married / Died

Januari 3 / Wigde? Drengen och Riks?????man
Pehr Andersson uti Stora Bransvig, till
Pigan Kjersti SvensDotter ifrån Gånarp   ___   1    ____

January 3 / Married (batchelor)farmhand and [?some other occupation]
Pehr(remember, silent h) Andersson from Stora Bransvig  to
maiden Kjersti Svensdotter from Gånarp

Unfortunately no other family mentioned here but it does give the name
of the farms that the groom and bride came from. The farms are both in this
parish acording to FamilySearch wiki listing. Not birth dates or ages are given
either. Fortunately this handwriting is quite readable for the 1700s. 

The next step would be to find then in the husförhörslängd for 1793 and earlier
and then back to their birth records. In 1700s people did not go far so persumably
they will be in the same parish. Husförhörslängd is variously translated as
"Clerical Survey", "household examination list", "household records", etc. and
often abbreviated by Swedish-speaking genealogists as HFL. The list records a
required once-a-year visit to each home by the parish priest. It is like a once
a year census! Unfortuantely in this parish, I just checked ArkivDigital and the
first HFL seems to be dated 1822-1826. :(   so was the new couple still living in
the parish in 1822?  First look on the brides farm, Gånarp in 1822 HFL (I have seen
grooms moving to the brides area than the other way around... no guarantees)

When you try that on ArkivDigital, image 3 title page says TOSTARPS/
HUSFÖRHÖRSLÄNGD / 1822 - 1826. 
The next page begins a register (index) to farms by name. Note that Tostarp is
now spelled with an "o" rather than the Swedish "å". That is because the two
vowels sound almost alike. Å is not an A!  Swedish for genealogists is not hard...
three main words: Född  / Wigde  / Döde ( Born  / Married / Died) get you started.
Help with more words is found at FamilySearch Wiki Swedish dictionary. Remember that
Swedish has the English 26 letters PLUS three additional vowels that appear AFTER the
letter Z, namely Ää, Åå and Öö in that order.

(A quick look at HFL in the Gånarp area, I did not see Andersson-Svensdotter family
but it was 25 year later.) 


Thank you so much for your help in this!

 I notice also that the women are named after their father's first names in most cases (Dotter of Sven, Andersdotter, ect) and I can imagine that could make it harder to trace things also.... or so I've found. Especially if it happened to be a popular name in that day and age :(

Here is the marriage record... 

mmm Greta SvensdotterFödd 1798-08-24 i Linderås (F). [12] Död 1869-11-22 i Lommaryd (F). [13]  

this is all i have, can anyone help me find parents?





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