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Please leave your "H" Swedish surname here. This is an example of how you could leave your post to make it easier for researchers to find. Please leave their Swedish patronymic name and common name if you know them. We are using the surname "Petersen" for an example.We will change the example when we have an H surname to use.

Peterson Morris John or (Persson Magnus Johan)
Born 07 Jun 1848 in Katteberg, Skärstad, Jönköpings Län, Sweden.
His Sister-Sofia Johanna or (Anna Peterson in America)1875 emigrated to the United States
She lived in or near Rock Island, Illinois and Ottumwa, Iowa
No other information known at this time

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Lori Butler--Just thought I would see how common your surname was today. Searching the Sweden telephone book I got the following>>

34 hits with Hedqvist

8 hits with Hedkvist

Some of these hits were companies and some I could not tell why they were picked but it will give you an idea common the name is today in Sweden (with around 9 million people). 

Remember that Hedqvist (whatever the spelling) is probably a taken name and therefore many of the Hedquists you find may be totally unrelated. But, with such a small field to search...

My guess would be that the Head- version of the name would be an Americanization.

Gustav Adolf Holquist (Hultqvist) (b. 1863)

Was he born in Högsby parish in Kalmar county?


Comments:  Do you have birth dates and places for brothers as well? 

Frank F. Nelson possibly Americanized his name.

Charles probably Americanized his name from Carl to Charles... (often done). 

Do you know details about Karin Persson? place and date of birth?


Kristen wrote:  "I am looking for information on my great-grandparents, who are from Kalmar. His name was Gustav Adolf Holquist (Hultqvist) (b. 1863), and emigrated to the USA in the 1880s. He also had a brother, Frank F. Nelson, so his original last name may have been Nelson; there also may have been another brother, Charles. My great-grandfather settled in Omaha, NE, while Frank and Charles lived in Bay City, MI. My great-grandmother's name was Karin Persson. Is there a way for me to access any parish records from Högsby to look them up? Frank had listed his father's name as Holgrest Nelson."

Yes, I think he was born in Högsby parish.

Holquist, Gustav Adolf, or (Hultqvist, Gustav Adolf)

Born 08 March, 1863 in Högsby, Kalmar län

Emigrated to the United States in mid-1880s.

Died in Omaha, NE in 1925.

 His brother, Frank F. Nelson, also emigrated to the United States and lived in Bay City, MI.

  They may have also had a brother named Charles (or Carl?)

Gustav was married in Omaha, NE, to Karin Persson, born 10 June, 1866 in Kalmar

Emigrated to the United States, mid-1880s.

Died in Omaha, NE on 11 March, 1954.

If this landed in the wrong place, I beg your pardon


My father's grandmother was Elin Helmina Cecilia Holmin, born June 21, 1859 in [ records:Rackkekarrs, Hjo Landsfors, Skaraborg] alternatively, in my great-aunt's memory: Kungsbaka or Vanersborg. She was one of seven children of Lars Gustaf Holmin.

She emigrated with her son, Carl in 1890, to join her husband August Sandberg in Ashland, Wisconsin. Second son Hilmer was born in Ashland. Widowed soon after, she married in 1900, Anders Fred Sundberg in Ashland. Second marriage brought the beloved aunt who was our 'family bible'.

I am hoping to find a record of Elin's marriage to August Sandberg in Sweden. The story is that her family was bourgeois and considered him beneath her her socially. 

Before emigration, the couple had a child called Pamela, who died at about the age of 7, and Carl, b. 1887. I have not yet found their baptisms.

Elin's family is somehow entwined with the family of her daughter-in-law, Florence Brown, whose mother Mary Brown, [Maria Cristina Johansson] had a sister who married Elin's brother Emil Oskar. Mary also prepared for her wedding in Elin's home in Ashland. Mary's sisters who remained in Sweden also married people known to my aunt.

I am new to Swedish genealogy, and finding it quite a challenge to navigate the abundance of records and the slipperiness of naming -- people and places both. Elin's grandchildren have put everything we 'know' together, We're blessed with a great deal of oral history and memoir, but have few of the skills needed to find these people in their context.

Hi Emily, Yes this is a good place to post your family inquiry with an H-name. 


I have tried to find your Elin in FamilySearch but was unable. Do you have a personID number for her?  There were two names that came up for me in Skaraborg county. Fortunately Holmin is a rather unusual name which should make finding them easier.


Do not get confused by Swedish county changes in recent years. Genealogists like to stick with the counties that existed about 1960. Skaraborg county existed then and Hjo was in it. When I get a minute I will search Hjo Lands. for the birth. 



An Elin Helmina Cecilia show in the Hjo Lands. birth book Image 84 / page 159 on ArkivDigital.

born 21/6

baptized 28/6 

father    Arb. L. G. Holmin and his wife Inga Mar. Holmgren


A strategy would be to follow the girl Elin as she grows up in the HFL (husforhorslängd... sorry my Swedish keys stopped working right... some do , some don't  Weird).  Do you know how to do that

Do you have access to ArkivDigital or one of the other Swedish databases

Thank you for your response, Lynn. Yes, that must be my great-grandmother! Her father was called Lars Gustaf and her mother was Inga Maria Holmgren ... we have a photograph of Inga that Elin brought in her trunk. I know the names of Elin's brothers and sisters, too. One sister emigrated, but her favourite brother stayed in Sweden, married and had children. Don't know if coincidence was at work or what, but her brother who stayed in Sweden married the sister of Elin's son's mother-in-law. (yes, my head hurts)

No, don't yet know how to use these records, but just today picked up a copy of 'Your Swedish Roots' in a Scandi shop in Berkeley. There is hope yet ... willing to learn and have to start somewhere!

To my astonishment, I've just located Elin's marriage in parish records, which provides a birthdate and patronymic for her husband, and found the births of two previously unknown children who did not survive to emigrate. It would also appear that a daughter whom we did know about -- who also did not survive -- was actually the out-of-wedlock child of her sister. There are more words I cannot yet interpret which may provide more information, but obviously I'm thrilled!

Have not yet cracked the house visits or the deaths. It just gets more interesting by the minute!

The parish is Västra Tunhems Kyrka, Vastratunhem. 'Tunhem' was noted on her emigration record ... Google maps did the rest.

I found Vastratunhem in the research wiki   (     type in Tunhem parish, Sweden).  Not much info except a huge list of farm names.  

Your Swedish Roots is the new "bible" for Swedish research.  The old one is Johansson's Cradled in Sweden (sitll good reference but pre computer). 

What are the word you  need to read?

The longer I look at the handwriting the clearer it gets, but still stumped in places ...

The words after Elin and August's names in the first file don't mean anything to me yet.  Have just learned that dräng is a farm worker. 

The notation 'Ek' comes in the second entry in the house visitation book after August's name. It might be an abbreviated place name?

I appreciate your help very much


Hello- Can anybody tell me where to post a question about my family if I have an L and an A and a W and an E Swedish surname? They seem to follow each other from Sweden to Burlington, Iowa and either live together or next to each other. I hope I did not break any rules by asking this, but I never seem to find any Swedish post that is recent or find a Swedish chat room to ask a question.  Thank you.





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