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I am looking for information on Claes Otto Berg born on 5 Aug 1844 in Nykoping, Sodermanland, Sweden; died 17 Nov 1914 in Minnesota, USA. He married Charlotta Zatterlund born in 1836 in Sweden. Most of the info I have is from a book called " The History of Swedish - Americans in Minnesota" or " A History of Goodhue co., minn". I am a decendant of one of thier daughters Mary Louise Berg who married William Edwin Peterson. According to one of these books, Claes' father was a taylor( as was he). I am looking for Claes & Charlotta's parents/siblings.



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A quick look at the birth books for both Nyköping parishes found no birth in 1844 for Claes Berg. I looked at both 5 Aug and 8 May and nearby names (just in case the date got transposed). the was one child named Claes in December in Nicolai but not your person. Is it possible he is from a parish outside of town? 

What about Charlotta? Do you have any hints of a locality for her? 

Have you found any immigrantion or emigration records? Records leaving Sweden may shed some light.

These are the books I looked at via ArkivDigital:

Nyköpings Alla Helgona C:3 (1822-1861) Image 134 / page 129

Nyköpings Sankt Nicolai CI:6 (1815-1857) Image 125

Nyköping was a fairly good sized city even in 1844. It had an east and west parish.

Did the couple marry in Sweden or the USA?

OK. I found the family in the 1900 US census. The couple was married in Sweden just a year before coming to the USA. This record indicates he was naturalized. Perhaps the naturalization documents could help you. Presumably she was also naturalized.

Since they married in Sweden they likely lived close to each other.

If his father was a tailor, the city is a logical place to live and a big place to find a wife. I will look at marriages in Nyk;ping.

What Luck! I found their marriage record. Find it attached (Hope it worked.) 

Ref:    Nyköpings Sankt Nicolai EI:2 (1862-1889) Image 24

Berg  Claes Otto tailor from

Oscarsberg   ??????? parish and

Setterlund, Ulrika Charlotta ????

?  ?  ?         see p 467 in HFL (household examination)

his birth 1844 5/8     her birth 1837  26/6 

I see lysning on 4/10, 11/10 and 18/10       OK there is marriage on next page on Oct 30. Do you need image?


Thanks for your help! I have most of the info., but the marraige date.I knew they married in 1868, but that was all. If you happen to come across more info on thier families, I appreciatte any help I can get!

  My swedish/ norweigen lines can be a real pain to find... especailly those who like to take off part of thier name or change it totally... I have come across a few of those on another part of my line ^_^





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