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Here you will find a listing of the Sussex Families that i have an interest in, and i have a site for Figg: on this site.

Figg Arthur Albert, born 1871 Woolbeding, Married Mary Ann Merritt in 1894 Storrington.
Figg Henry, born 1830 Woolbeding, Married Martha Booker in 1870.
Figg Henry, born 1830 Woolbeding, Married Lucy Potter in 1857 Linch.
Figg Henry, born 1830 Woolbeding, Married Mary Frances Elizabeth Wood in 1864 Linch.
Figg George, born 1797 Linch, Married Jemima Wiggins in 1822 Bignor.
Figg John, born 1754 Iping, Married Mary Hoar in 1779 Easebourne.
Figg John, born Circa 1734, Married Mary ?.
Merritt Charles born 1844 Washington, Married Sarah Meeten in 1864 Wiston.
Merritt Peter, born 1807 Washington, Married Eleanor Hickox in 1834 Washington.
Merritt Thomas, born 1769 Wiston, Married Mary Leliot in 1795 Wiston.
Merritt Edward, born 1731 Amberley, Married Mary Dining in unknown.
Merritt John, born circa 1704 Houghton, Married Martha Bunn in unknown.
Main Associated Surnames.

With Figg:
Booker bc, (Born Circa) 1846 Woolbeding.
Potter, bc, 1837 ?.
Wood, bc, 1835 ?.
Wiggins, bc, 1804 Easebourne.
Pett, bc, 1832 ?.
Martin, bc, 1833 Trotton.
Stevens, bc, 1842 ?.
Hooker, bc, 1853 Fittleworth.
Moseley, bc, 1853 ?.
Ruff, bc, 1780 ?.
Hoar, bc, 1754 Linch.
With Merritt.
Pesterfield bc, 1868 ?.
Standing, bc, 1874 Steyning.
Short, bc, 1832 West Chiltington.
Hoad, bc, 1833 Heathfield.
Bilbort?, bc, 1841 Pulborough.
Dean, bc, 1842 Washington.
Scutt, bc, 1846 Warnham.
Gumbrill, bc, 1859 ?.
Bourne, bc, 1795 ?.
Searle, bc, 1798 West Grinstead.
Mercer, bc, 1800 Thakeham.
Hawkins, bc, 1802 ?.
Dale, bc, 1808 Thakeham.
Lulham, bc, 1814 Botolphs.

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Hello Laurence,

I am related to all the Merritts you have listed through Edward Merritt 1731.

Michael Merritt
Born Chichester and now from
Elizabeth Park, South Australia

Hi Laurence

Could you give me a bit more info on your Merritt/Standing family please.

On my paternal side my 3xggf Thomas Merritt b c1812, Randwick, Gloucestershire.  He & his wife Harriett had seven children all born in Randwick.  My 2 x ggm Eliza Merrett married Alfred Bassett, also from Randwick.   Did any of your Merritts come from Gloucestershire area and move down to Sussex by any chance?

On my maternal side, my gm Ethel Standing b 1890 in Chithurst WSSx, her parents were Henry Standing (b1858 North Chapel) & Frances Kilhams (b 1856 Bury).  Henry's parents were James Standing (b 1821 NorthChapel) & Susanna Ayling (b1827 Petworth).

Look forward to hearing from you sometime.

Cheers from down under

Heather (Auck NZ)





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