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My brick wall was proving the lineage of Erwin Elkins to his son, James Garrott Elkins. Erwin and his wife Elizabeth moved from Henry County, Ga. to Ms by 1850. In 1860, they are in Wayne County, Ms on the census. In 1866, Erwin Elkins is on the Ag Census for Wayne County. By 1870, his wife, Elizabeth is still living in Wayne County as a widow and with their younger son.

James Garrott Elkins does not appear on any deed, will, or estate record for Erwin Elkins. Part of the reason for this is that Wayne County, Ms is a burned County. They have no records prior to 1893. So, I tried the Mississippi Archives. They have no records concerning Erwin Elkins or his wife, Elizabeth.

The way I was able to prove this lineage was by going back to Henry County, Ga where there were numerous records on Elizabeth and her family. Through her mothers will and a deed between her mother and James Garrott Elkins, I was able to prove that SHE was his mother and that since she married Erwin Elkins before James G's birth, then he had to be his father.

It was a round about way. But, sometimes, it is the only way to prove something when you run up against a burned county.

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Hi I am Emiko Lanier I am great great granddaughter of Tabitha Falconer who were under the Falconer household. Pheobe and her husband had Pheobe Falconer. Pheobe and Bob Smith of Clarke county had Jane, Elizabeth and Henrietta Falconer-Smith. Jane Falconer-Smith who married Willis Owens come up on census but not Elizabeth and Henrietta. Elizabeth Falconer Smith had children by Willis Dabney. They were unable to marry due to lack of family support. They also had three girls, Annie, Elizabeth and Henrietta Dabney. They all show up on census after their marriage to their husbands. Elizabeth never does show up on the census. Henrietta did not keep in touch with her sister, unlike Jane and Elizabeth. We all asume that Henrietta stayed in Wayne County. Accourding to my genealogy friend, Henrietta Falconer is mentioned in 1870 Census. She is listed with Fannie Falconer who may have been her daughter.
Many people in the family feels that Henrietta's children are related to the Morgans. We were wandering if she had child by one of the Morgans and there was Fannie Falconer-Morgan sibling. Jane's son Bob Smith Owens married Lillia Mae Morgan. Lillie had a cousin named Fannie born around 1900. No one likes to talk about it since it may mean Bob Owens may have married his own cousin. Please let me know how you are finding out the census in Wayne County. Emiko

Henrietta Falconer 35 (b. 1835)
Fannie Falconer 20 (b.1850)
(Is this who you thought might be Henrietta & Fannie Morgan?)
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