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Trying to track down information on family of G-Aunt Bridget Rowan last Address was 499 28th St, SanFrancisco
I have a letter from her dated May 13 1939 she stated her son or perhaps grandson Eddie was injured building the Golden Gate Bridge. I can not find any more information on her I thought perhaps there might be an Obituary somewhere that would list her family
Would appreciate any help or steering to right organization. Kathyn Brannigan Walizer

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I suggest you get in touch with the California Genealogical Society, which is located up in the Bay Area. Their website is

The website is another potential source for the information.

Good luck on your search!
I would suggest you go to the ssdi interactive search and if that fails go to CA index of death and if that fails try for a death certificate, at least call and submit a name and see if they could help you.


Have you had any luck with this?



hi, thanks for the replies I was sidetracked on another rellie but I really appreciate the heads up and links for the Ca gene societies I will contact them soon and hopefully find something on Aunt Bridget will check the CA death list though



to angela


Found her son in the CA death index, 1940---- I know she was alive i 1939 a mystery why she did not show up

ROWAN  EDWARD  03/09/1893  QUINN    PENNSYLVANIA  ORANGE    07/07/1987  558-28-219

If you get the death certificate, sometimes the Informant is a relative. They often show the cemetery and mortuary which also may help.

ROWAN  BRIDGET      DURKIN      SAN FRANCISCO(90)    08/25/1962    94 yrs  Add Order a copy of the original certificate from


just found her she was listed uner her Mom;s maiden name of Durkin

now on to Obit

thanks Kathryn




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