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Did your South Carolina ancestors live in the area which was the Orangeburgh District from 1768 to 1868? This area later became split and/or redistricted to the following counties: Orangeburg, Barnwell, Lexington, Aiken, Calhoun. The Edisto River is a major feature, geographically.

Many of the settlers in this area were of German-Swiss, English-Scottish-Irish, or French Huguenot descent, as well as the many Africans that were enslaved.

I invite you to list your families from this part of South Carolina and, if you can, any families they intermarried with so that we can help one another in our research.

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Betty, I did some checking, and Purrysburg is/was at the southern tip of SC - it was not included in the Orangeburgh District. Initially, it would have been in Craven County (1664-1768). In 1768, all of the Carolina counties were abolished and the Districts set up; at that point, Purrysburg was in the Beaufort District. Here is an URL to more info about the Beaufort District:

I can't find any information about "Pallachuchellas"; it sounds like an Indian name, maybe the name of a river or creek or other geographic feature.

Good luck in your research.
Thank you so much for your help. As I am a Texan now living in SC.. I am LOST and SC changed the district, counties. what ever they called the areas so much....

Hi Jeanie,
The Cemetery Transcription Books are out of date. Not only that but all volumes of the books are unavailable. Do you know if updates and new books are planned for Orangeburg and Barnwell Counties?
With best regards.
Bill Hutto
Hi Bill,

Gosh, no, I haven't got any information on that. I live on the west coast and wish I were more plugged into that sort of information, which is part of why I'm here. :)

If you find out, I'm sure everyone here would appreciate it if you shared. I have yet to find a single Orangeburg ancestor's gravesite data, and I'd love to rectify that.

Best to you,
I have limited research materiel for grave sites but will gladly see what I can find for you. I may be of help if you ancestors were buried in Orangeburg, Barnwell or Calhoun Counties.
Any names in particular?
With best regards,

I found a bit of information about the availability of Cemetery Transcription (Survey) Books.

Order from: ABGS, PO Box 415, Aiken, SC 29802-0415

Aiken County Cem, Vol 1, 1989 edition, $15.00 plus $3.00 postage
Aiken County Cem, Vol 2, 1995 edition, $15.00 plus $3.00 postage
Aiken County Cem, Vol 3, 1996 edition, $15.00 plus $3.00 postage
Aiken County Cem, Vol 4, 1998 edition, $20.00 plus $3.00 postage
Aiken County Cem, Vol 5, 2006 edition, $30.00 plus $5.00 postage

Barnwell County Cem, Vol 1, 1999 edition, $20.00 plus $5.00 postage
Barnwell County Cem, Vol 2, 1999 edition, $20.00 plus $5.00 postage
Barnwell County Cem, Vol 3, 2007 edition, $30.00 plus $5.00 postage

Perhaps this will be of help to someone.

William (Bill) Hutto
Great request!
I think you omitted the families you are searching for. Am curious!

The family names I look for in the lower Lexington County area, spilling over into Aiken and Orangeburg Counties are ...
Williams, Martin, Gunter, Sharpe (Sharp), Poppell (Popple), and Nelson.

I'm just a beginner -- so much to learn!

Hi, everyone.  My Orangeburg District surnames are Moseley, Craft, Wannamaker, Felder, Davis, McCreary, Fortune, Cushman, Galphin, Harley, Addison, and Cooper.  

I live in the SC Lowcountry and would be happy to help anyone.  I have a large collection of genealogical reference books and worked as a probate paralegal for 32 years, so I am familiar with court records and where to find what.  :)



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