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Henry Smith and Sarah Abigail Franklin, Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada

I'm hoping to connect with other descendants of Henry Smith and Sarah Abigail Franklin of Walsingham Twp., Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada.

A bit of history, Henry was born 8 SEPT 1775 somewhere in the state of New York, the son of parents as yet unknown. Sometime prior to 1806 he came to what was then known as Upper Canada, purchasing land from a man named John Troyer in Walsingham Twp., Norfolk County. It was probably here that he met and married his wife Sarah Abigail Franklin, the daughter of John Franklin and Lydia Tayer, who was born in Jamestown, Rhode Island on January 6, 1784. For a time the Franklins lived in Canaan, Columbia Co., New York before petitioning the British Government for land in Upper Canada.

Henry and Sarah had a family of fourteen children:

Harriet Smith 1806-1872 m. Isaac Brown (lived Walsingham Twp.)
Elisha Smith c1810-1876 m. Elizabeth Becker (lived Walsingham Twp.)
Lydia Smith c1812-1892 m. Jonathan Childs & John Titus (lived Walsingham Twp. and later Norwich Twp., Oxford Co.)
Rebecca Smith 1813-1902 m. Peter Brown (lived Walsingham Twp.)
Francis Smith 1814-1905 m. Caroline Potter & Sarah Cushman (lived Caradoc Twp., Middlesex Co. Between his two wives he had a very large family, many children from the first marriage seem to have vanished.)
Nancy Smith c1816-1844 m. Brinton Paine Brown (lived Elgin Co.)
Benjamin Smith 1816-1893 m. Eleanor Jane Dickinson & Margaret Jane Smith (lived Walsingham Twp.)
Jane Smith c1822-? (disappeared after 1851/52 census but mentioned in her father's will)
Hannah Smith c1824-1903 (spent most of her later life in the Asylum in London, Ontario)
John Smith 1826-1864 m. Margaret ? & Ann Jordan (lived Walsingham Twp. and later Huron City, Huron Co., Michigan. He died as a Prisoner of War in Richmond, Virginia. His wife Ann married William Patterson and moved with their son and daughter, Susan & John to Iowa and later to Brown Co., South Dakota. His eldest son James (s/o Margaret) was raised by Henry and Sarah and eventually settled on the Manitoulin Island).
Daniel Smith 1826?-1919? m. Sarah Maria Hutchinson (Some questions about this line as there seems to have been more than one Daniel Smith living in the area. He seems to have settled in Walsingham, but it is possible that the records in existence may belong to the other Daniel.)
Henry Smith, Jr. c1830-? m. Louisa Poole (lived Walsingham)
Amy Smith 1833-1919 involved with Moses Newkirk, but married Aaron Bennett (lived Walsingham)
Isaac Smith c1838-1874 married Edith Jane Becker (most of the family died during a typhoid epidemic leaving 3 surviving children, Sarah a daughter who stayed in the area, Robert a son who went to Michigan, and John a son who reportedly went to Australia)

Henry died on August 10, 1864 dividing his land between his thirteen surviving children and his grandson, James. He is buried in Newkirk Cemetery not far from his farm in Walsingham Twp., Sarah went to live with her daughter Harriet and is believed to have died during the epidemic in 1874 although no record of her death exists.

If you connect to this family I would love to hear from you, there are so many holes in the descendant lines not to mention the mystery of Henry's origins that any new info would be welcome.


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