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Please leave your posts here if you search in or have any information in the parishes:

Bjurum (Hånger, Mårby), Bolum, Borgunda, Brismene, Broddetorp, Brunnhem, Börstig
Dala, Falköping, Fivlered, Floby, Friggeråker, Grolanda, Gudhem, Gökhem, Göteve, Hornborga, Håkantorp, Hällestad, Högstena, Jäla, Karleby, Kinneved, Kälvene, Luttra, Marka, Mularp, Norra Åsarp, Näs, Segerstad, Skörstorp, Slöta, Smula, Solberga, Stenstorp, Sätuna, Södra Kyrketorp, Sörby, Tiarp, Torbjörntorp, Trävattna, Ugglum, Ullene, Valtorp, Vartofta-Åsaka, Vilske-Kleva, Vistorp, Vårkumla, Yllestad, Åsle, Östra Tunhem.

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Can someone explain to me why, in several years, the vital records of Borgunda, Dala, and Högstena parishes are all recorded in the same book? Thanks.

Hello Annelie,

I'm still learning to navigate this website so I apologize if I'm doing this incorrectly.  Posted the following on "My Page" but thought you maybe able to assist so re-entered it here.  You helped me a lot many years ago and have learned a lot since then but still find the dead-end or brick wall to important items which are needed to complete segments of my family history and emigration from Sweden.  I've pasted the original post below - Thank you for any assistance.

Looking for Some Help
Posted by Milt Larson on November 7, 2019 at 8:36am
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My grandfather's older brother, Johan August Larsson (27 Dec 1855 - 14 Jul 1929) was the first of his family to emigrate/travel to America. The emigration-church record shows his departure on 14 Jul 1887 from Gudhem, Skaraborg; his wife and first (2) children came with him but returned to Sweden within a short time (they are listed in 1890 Swedish census). Johan August also returned around 1895, there was another child born in Jan 1899 and family is listed in the 1900 census.

I am unable to determine where he/they went in the U.S, what ship was taken from Sweden, and would sincerely appreciate any help or information on the exact destination or where he may have lived while in America. Thank you.



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