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New to Discussion Group.  JUst beginning research on family.  GGG Grandfather William Shepherd born May 1822  in North Carolina.  According to census records he was born in North Carolina in 1822, had children in Alabama as early as 1846 and moved to Paulding County, Georgia before 1865 and remainded there rest of his life.  No luck so far in locating him prior to 1860 in Calhoun County, Alabama (per 1860 Census) or finding any information on his parents in North Carolina.  Any help or suggestions appreciated. 

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This information may help you, a book written by John A Burrison called "Brothers in Clay: The story of Georgia Folk Pottery" Here's the link: Page 207.

The William Shepherd is the father of John "Bud" Robert Shepherd who married Lucy Ann Brock in Paulding County Georgia, Lucy is my G-Great Aunt. Lucy is buried at Hunt Cemetery in Paulding County Georgia along with her husband John Robert Shepherd. Here's the link:

The Brock's, Shepherd's and Sligh's seem to live around each other no matter where they went. If you find one in an area, your more than likely to find one of the other families living close by. Since ofcourse, the families married each other. My G-Great Grandfather was George Larkin Shepherd and I haven't found any information yet pertaining to his parents. So I'm sure if I keep looking around the Shepherd's who were clustered around the Brock's and Sligh's, I'll find something.

Hope some of this information helps.
Thanks so much. John Robert's father William Shepherd (1822) had several children. John Robert Shepherd's brother was William F. (1852) who is my G-Great Grandfather. I found in 1880 census that occupation was potter. This is the only time potter came up in my research. I am in Athens area and will get the book next week to review. The google link you provided only provided a few pages to review and the pages where Shepherds are found was not available. I have been looking for a contact with interest in Shepherd family in Paulding/Bartow county area. My regular e-mail is if interested in further discussion.

Also, the picture you found in my family history of Great Grandfather William Franklin Shepherd (born 1879) and his wife Dollie Roxanne (Hill) is actually son of the 1852 William Shepherd. William and Dollie moved to Walton County, Ga. just after 1900.
What is George Larkin Shepherd's relationship to John Robert Shepherd? I haven't found George Larkin Shepherd in any of my searches.
I don't know. All ties to the Shepherd family have passed. George Larkin's daughter, Leanna is my Great-Grandmother. Her house burned and the only things that were saved were pictures that my Mom had borrowed from her just a few days before the house fire. We know there is a Shepherd family bible that was NOT in the fire. I'm in the process of trying to locate what family member has it.

Most of my family members agree with me that if we keep looking around the Brock's and Sligh's we'll find the missing information. Thankfully I grew up around all these people and was very interested even at a young age and listened carefully while growing up to the stories that were told.

I can't make the connection yet, but I know it's there somewhere, maybe not directly but they are connected in some way. I did find information that George Larkin's Mom's name may have been Rebecca J. Shepherd and she may have married a Shepherd. This Rebecca J was born in Alabama with the other Shepherds. However, I don't know if this information is correct.
In this 1900 Census George Larkin is listed on line 21 as son of Rebecca J Shepherd who is widowed at this time.

hi, I just found out my grt grandfather was named bud sheppard, he was the father of Thomas Nicholas sheppard, , Thomas was born in polk co Georgia in 1888, and died 1952 in rome Floyd co Georgia, I am currently trying to find out who bud's decendants, I know that Thomas married first to Zeddie Martin in bartow co Georgia, and apparently after 1930 Cenus Zeddie died and on the death certificate it shows Julia Findley as his wife with Frank who was son from first marriage. Julia appears on the 1940 Census, and Frank was about 16 yrs. old. They are buried in the Bethal cemetery in Floyd co Georgia. and TN Sheppard is on find a grave.

if anyone can help me with this line I wd greatly appreciate it. I am on and have pic of my grandfather on it. my name is Cash-hutches. I know incorrectly spelled on the site.

The coordinator for this webpage is Christina Palmer and she's great! Send her your family group sheet with William Shepherd and she can post it to the family group page on the website.

Angie, wanted to update you on the Shepherd pottery reference in Burrison's book "Brothers in Clay".  I located John Burrison who is a professor at Ga. State University in Atlanta and corresponded over the course of about 16 months about the piece of pottery shown in his book that was made and signed by my gg grandfather William F. Shepherd.  It was stored at the Atlanta History Museum.  Long story short: I purchased the piece yesterday and now have it for display in my home.  Couldn't have done it without your first shout out in July, 2010.  Thanks so much for your help.



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