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I was searching when I came across Connie Schuppel who was searching Alice Sheeks.

I came across Alice Sheeks while searching my family line.

Alice Sheeks, 8 years old, came to live with Peter and Sabrina Gray in 1870 census. She was not listed in 1860.

In 1870 she is listed as being born in Wisconsin, her parents born in PA.

In 1880 she is listed as Allice Gray 18 years old teaching school.

Between 1880's and 1910 she married Joseph J. H. Harvey and had several children. In Snohomish Washington.


What I was wondering is would anyone have information on who her parents were?

Would Alice's parents been a famly member to Peter or Sabrina? Perhaps a sibling to either one of them?




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Thefollowing is from memory as I don't have the records with me at the moment.

Alice was adopted by Peter and Sabina. Alice was the daughter of William Sheeks and Mary Johnson. William died at the battle of the Wilderness in the Civil War, and Mary died soon after. Mary's probate documents are at Columbia County, WI. & show that Alice was in the care of the Grays. Alice Gray and Joseph Harvey were married in Wisconsin. I don't know if Peter or Sabrina were related or not.

I have more precise info stored somewhere.

Rodney Kenyon
I am really new to this website and I'm not used to how the site works. So Please except my apologies for sounding rude? I ask the questions and then I look around and the answer is already there. I just want you to know that I am sorry and will be more aware. Thanks.
Alice Jane Sheeks born October 10, 1861, adopted about 1865, married Joseph James Harvey, May 12, 1881, died May 29, 1943 has the tree, Sheeks Family Tree. I have reset it to be a public tree.

Rodney Kenyon
Who were her parents?
Thank-you, this is more information than I have ever had on her. I so appreciate the help.
I am trying to figure out if she was ever related to Peter, or Sabrina.
Thank-you again so much for your help. I will look up for the Sheeks tree.





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