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I don't have you in my database James, you did not provide enough information about your direct line for me to make a connection. Are you descended from William, Daniel, John or Christain Jr. With the Senneff spelling and the Illinois connection, I would think it would be William.   I have 38,741 names in my database.  Daniel went to So. Indiana, John went to Illinois for awhile, then back to PA where he died, and they only had 1 'n' in the name, Seneff, original is Senff.  Christain Jr., Philip and Jacob stayed in Ohio and kept the Senff spelling. Solomon died in OH early on about 1852-4.  Susanna, Catherine stayed in OH, Barbara went to Missouri and died there.


I have a whole heap of data on Michaels line as well, but, like you, I have not been able to make the connection of his line to our Christain.  And I have found nothing to connect to the Edward Charles Senff line from Evansville, IN, to either Christain or Micheal. 


I would be in favor of a DNA project, but it has to be all done with male descendants.  Everyone of the male descendants of my direct line to Solomon are dead, with one exception, my first cousin Gerald, and he is not well he lives in Oregon.  Only the girls survive.  There are some second and 3rd male cousins in Oregon & I do have some male second cousins in Washington state, who are descended from my Great Uncle William Sherman Senff, a brother of my Grandpa Charles Edward Senff. 


I am in contact by e-mail with some of the descendants of Michael, all female.  Maybe we could find some males willing to get tested in that line. 


Conrad came at a much earlier date than Casper from Germany.  what is your e-addy?  I'll send you my notes that I have collected.

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I have about the same amount in my datebase (~36.4k). I have about 6,000 Senff descendants. How many do you have. I'm assuming it's not the 38.7k, because that many don't exist. Almost all (>90%) Senffs in the US are from our family. And almost all with spelling variants ending in double-f are in our family (Christian/Michael descendants). I believe Edward Charles Senff is one of the few that is not. He was born in Louisiana. His father was born in Bavaria.

I have the some problem with the y-DNA test. There are no male Senneffs that my family stays in touch with. There is one SENFF listed in I'm not even sure if the accuracy is good enough to determine the relationship between Christian and Michael. But it would be great to connect with a German family which confirm a location.

I always thought that our SENFFs came from around Dresden, Saxony near the Erzgebirge mountains. However, I see a lot people say Bavaria. What do you have? I have never seen any references for Bavaria.

I will send you my lineage sometime this week by email.
Ok I am going to send you all my notes on Christain and descendants. I need to convert them from PAF to a Word Document and when I get your e-mail I'll send them all. D
Hi Donna,

I'm sorry that I failed to follow up and send you an email. I will do that now.

Noticing the title of this group to be "Senff/Seneff/Seniff," I thought a little about the Senff surname variations. In researching the descendants of Christian Senff (1770-1855), I have only found four spellings: Senff, Seneff, Senneff, and Seniff. Have you come across any other spellings that were not misspellings (meaning that most documentation for the individual would suggest a more correct spelling)? And I am only referring to Christian Senff's descendants (not the descendants of Johan Philip Senft or others with unknown relation).

In my personal database of 6,000 descendants of Conrad/Casper Senff, I have 1,050 people with the Senff-derived surnames:
Senff 345
Seneff 352
Senneff 256
Seniff 97

The 2000 Census has the following totals:
Senff 364
Seneff 253
Senneff 137
Seniff 122

The SSDI (as of May 2010) has the following totals:
Senff 182
Seneff 109
Senneff 74
Seniff 59

I have estimated that around 90% of these individuals listed in the 2000 census and the SSDI are from the Fayette County Senff family.

Sounds about right. I don't do well with math. I'll leave that to you. I checked the file and we are 4th cousins twice removed. My database of 39,000 are on both sides of my family, all the Germans on Dad's side and all the Norwegians on Mom's side. I printed out a 10 generation Ahnentafel chart on you. Do you have any kids. Your chart was 3 pages long. Mine is 15 pages, but then that is both sides of the family. I have 2 daughters, 4 grand kids and 2 great grand dau. Lots of Senffs came out of descendants of Fayette Co. for sure.
Thank you for the photo. Your girls are precious. I would guess them about 18 months and 6 or 7 years old in the photo.

Here's a photo of your half - 4th cousin (abt 1938):

I am single and do not have any children. Same with my one sibling.

We have about the same size database. Can you tape your 15 page Ahnentafel into one giant page? I don't know how many pages I have, but I do have 415 direct-line ancestors. I am stuck at some of the holes. Other holes I could fill, but they are low priority.

We are actually half-4th Cousins-twice removed. Your Solomon and my William were half brothers. I only have 230 descendants for your Solomon, whereas, I have over 2100 descendants for my William. How many descendants do you have for Solomon? I only have Solomon as having one son and three daughters. Do you have any info on the daughters? Did they marry?

Hello Jim,

Casper Senff was my 4th great grandfather, then Michael Senff, John Michael Senff, Byron Seney Senff, Byron Seney Senff, Jr and then my dad, Willard Neal Senff (living/almost 93 yrs old).  I have been actively working on my Casper Senff line for the past two years.  I was wondering if you have a public tree or would be able to share any info you have on his line.  I have been stuck at Casper and not able to go any further back during his life in the old country and all of his ancestors. 

Donna Senff Mata was a cousin ...did you know she passed away on Jan 4 of this year?

Rita Kern





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