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I am researching slaves of Joshua Seale. The Seale Family was in Hinds County Mississippi in the 1830's, Union Parish Louisiana in the 1850's, and moved to Jasper Texas by the 1860's. Any assistance is appreciated!

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I am just beginning my research into Joshua and Richard Seale.  Joshua was my 3rd great grandfather on my mothers side.  I am fascinated by Joshua and Richard's story and want to learn more about it.  If anyone has any information on these two, or can tell me where I can get a copy of "The History of the Dixie Baptist Church" I would be greatful.  I am also planning a research trip to Jasper, TX next month and would be glad to look for anything "Seale" that you might want.



I haven't been on here in a while.  I have started working on my Seale line again.  My second gg was Peter Seale.  I was told that his father was Richard Seale.  I have been given information by descendants of Joshua Seale.  Richard was purchased by the Seale family in Mississippi.  He was admitted as a member of the congregation of the same church as the Seale family.  He worked as the overseer.  He started Dixie Baptist Church in 1850.  

How was your research trip to Jasper?



It was good, although I did not have enough time or experience.  I got a copy of Joshua's estate inventory and distribution of assets, and saw where Dick, Phyllis, and Matilda were a part of the estate.  I have also found Dick and Phyllis in the 1870 census living on Elias Seale's land (Lewis Perry Seale's son).  I am actually going to Mississippi over Thanksgiving, and planning on doing 3 days worth of research there.  Hopefully I can document some more about the Seales and the rest of my family who migrated through the SE US



I have a copy of those records also.  I have always wondered about Matilda.  I don't know if she had any descendants.  I will need to do some research on her.  

Do you know of any connection between the Seale family and the Thigpen family?  I am looking at records online from Mississippi.  I came across a book online which mentioned Lewis Perry Seale's wife Susanna Phillips.  She had a sister named Martha Thigpen Phillips.  The author of the book was not sure where the Thigpen surname fit into the family.  






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