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Apologies for the lateness of this challenge, I've been busy with grandchildren. We will let this challenge go for a week and a half to get it back to the Sunday start day.

This week's challenge, scrap a military page. It could be a draft card, pictures of someone in uniform, letters from overseas, whatever, as long as it has a connection with someone int he military. Have fun.

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Katrina...question. I was thinking of using one of the draft registration records I'd found and then thought of my uncle, who is still living. He is 82 and was career military. Is it ok to do something on him? Might as well get the info while he is still here.
I have lots of military personel in my family I can do this on..... sounds fun
This is my Dad. The photo was taken when he was accepted into aviation cadets in 1943

Good work. Very nice!

When my Dad passed away I scrapped some pages. I am not sure how to upload it for you to see.
Sally, just click on the camera icon in the reply box, click on choose file and click on the image you want attached. and then
Love the way the diamond shape plays on the rectangles. In fact, love the whole page! I wish I could match papers like this.
Beautiful. Nice choice of colors. Good job.

I did this challenge on my 5th great grandfather, James Chitwood. I don't know if it needs a tad more embellishment or not. I kind of like it simple too. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Hi Katrina. My contribution for the latest weekly challenge.

Jan Westcott
The page I made has my grandpa's WW1 draft card and discharge papers in it. After my grandmother passed away in 1997, my mama kept her pocketbook full of things. When my Mama passed away in 2007, I was given some of my Mama's things and Grandma's pocketbook was in the box. I found Grandpa's discharge papers in a wallet that belonged to my Grandpa. Inside the old wallet were the discharge papers, folded up, all ragged and torn. This was quite a find. No photos used.
Very nice! I like that :)





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