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I created a digital kit to use for my own history book, at least some parts of it. For several years I was a digital scrapbook artist and owner of an online scrapbook store, until the bottom fell out of the economy. Seems like scrapbook stuff was one of the first things people stopped buying. I am hopeful that showing you some of what can be done for those ancestors we don't have pictures for will help inspire you. In many cases, we do have some things, like census data, wills, letters, obituaries etc. We can write up their stories or attractively display their vital information. Scrapping is not just about photos, a concept I have been trying to teach people for years.

Here is an example of my will page. With digital scrapping, you can design a page like this once, and use it over and over again. Next time you have a will, you just need to put it on the page and you're set to go.

I might mention for those of you new to the concept. There are several ways you can do this. You can design the whole thing digitally as I have done here, and print out a paper copy is you want one (Or have it bound in a book.) You can also just print out the background, and then place a paper copy of your document on it like traditional scrapping on a background.

So here is my page of William Palmer's Will:

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Wow, I accidentally uploaded a very large image of the first one, I'll try to remember to trim them down first.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a story of an ancestor, or a bio sketch. In that case you can scrap the story. Add appropriate embellishments, or find pictures that can server to illustrate or add to the story. Here is a 2 page spread I did on John Howland, My 12th great uncle, who was swept overboard off the Mayflower.

Happy Dae·

ShoeString Genealogy
Thank you Dae, that makes my day! :)
Sometimes you may be lucky enough to have a picture of the house where your ancestors lived. Here is another two-page spread as an example of that.

These pages are beautiful. You have an amazing talent!
Thank you Brandy :)
I think these are great, Katrina. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
I've been doing a scrapbook for my brother about our childhood. There are very few photos - but I've been researching the neighbourhoods we lived in. I'm including all the names I found in directories for the streets right around our house, for instance. And I'm heading off to both the churches we attended next week to take 'now photos' and some, I hope, of one house we lived in that's still standing, of our paternal grandparent's house and of the apartment building where our maternal grandmother lived. I've also done some newspaper research and will have a local history timeline. My brother no longer lives here so I think he will like these mixed with the old photos and memorabilia I've scanned.
What an awesome project Diane. I hope you will share some of your finished pages with us.
Here is one more example. If you absolutely cannot find anything at all to scrap for an ancestor, and even when you do have other stuff, you can scrap a page or two about where they lived. You can always find information or pictures for that. Old postcards are a great source for pictures of places from years gone by. Try a search on for your ancestor's town.

After this one, I will be uploading more example to our home page. It's a bit easier to lay things organize things there. The link is in our Header box at the top of the group page.

These are lovely examples very beautiful! I am new to scrap booking but am getting lots of ideas many thanks!

These are great Katrina!! You do a great job of demonstrating that we can make some really beautiful pages with the smallest details of our ancestors' lives.



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