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This discussion is for you to post pictures/scans of your completed genealogy oriented pages. I will post some of my own too, but I don't want to dominate the discussion. Feel free to post as many as you like. Also mention whether or not you give permission for me to include them on our "Home Page" which is located on my web site. You can see it by clicking the link in our header section.

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Not sure if anyone saw my question from last week or if everyone is just busy with holiday preparations and festivities. At any rate, I thought I would post the project. It is not scrapbooking in the true sense of the word, but it does apply to family.
Not sure if anyone saw my question from last week. Everyone is probably busy with preparations for holiday festivities. At any rate, I'm posting my project. It is not scrapbooking in the truest form but it does deal with family. (Hope I uploaded this correctly).

What a wonderful way to display pictures of the family and at the same time let the children and grandchildren learn about their family history.
These are so nice - all of them. Do most of your digitally or traditionally scrap?
I use both. When working on scrapbooks for the grandkids I will copy the original picture so each child will have a picture and I can keep the original in a file.
First attempt. Much to learn but on my way! This page is not yet completed.
Will upload later.
Here it is. Special thanks to Marcia for her encouragement and phone time. I think this is a good start!

I've not done much scrapbooking for a few years, but here are links to a couple of my albums at webshots:

Hi there, I just discovered this website and group. I love the layouts that everyone has posted on this discussion. I am slowing building a website dedicated to scrapbooking and preserving your family history.

If anyone wants to have a look at my website, please feel free to give me feedback.


I am slowing uploading my family hitory layouts on to my website and hope I get time to create more soon






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