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This discussion is for you to post pictures/scans of your completed genealogy oriented pages. I will post some of my own too, but I don't want to dominate the discussion. Feel free to post as many as you like. Also mention whether or not you give permission for me to include them on our "Home Page" which is located on my web site. You can see it by clicking the link in our header section.

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I've been scrapping for years, but have been a little inactive lately. Right now I want to make a "This is your life" book for my mom. Here are some pages I've done in the past:

Valerie, your pages are great. I think I will learn a lot from the members of this group. I have dabbled in scrapbooking for several years now (meaning I have a suitcase full of supplies which would be gathering dust if it were not enclosed)! I started playing with digital scrapbooking not long ago and really like it a lot. But I don't know if I'll ever use it past posting on my blog. Guess I need a bit of a push!
Hi, nice pages! Did you scan in or take a digital photo? All my pages are 12x12 and do not fit in my scanner well.
For the 12x12 I usually take the layouts outside into natural sunlight and take a photo. I sometimes scan them, doing one side then the other and putting them together using photo-editing software.
Very nice Valerie, thank you for sharing, and welcome to the group :)
Can you give us the dpi and size for uploading? 600x600 72dpi? I have many. Also I have over 150 kits I have made and will share free. Give me a theme you need. Ex: Wedding, farming, mining, trains, old cars, riverboats, all wars Old kitchen and laundry, out houses and much more.
Marcia, 600 x 600 is fine for sharing pics, the dpi doesn't really mean anything except for printing.

I have set aside a Home page for this group hosted on my server, and if you like we can make a section for downloading there and pw it for the group only. I have many things to share as well.
I would love that Katrina. Good idea.

Ditto :-)

A photo of my Great Grandmother Margaret Elizabeth Barnes which I created using scrapbook flair
This is beautiful love the textures.
Here is a page of a book on the Parrett/Parrott family
I did for my grandchildren. This page is about the
nephew of our direct 3rd great about the CW and
the Medal of Honor
Oh nicely done, I love the textures in this.



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