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This discussion is for you to post pictures/scans of your completed genealogy oriented pages. I will post some of my own too, but I don't want to dominate the discussion. Feel free to post as many as you like. Also mention whether or not you give permission for me to include them on our "Home Page" which is located on my web site. You can see it by clicking the link in our header section.

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The page for your Great Grandmother is beautiful. I love it!
I like to put documents into scrapbook layouts and add additional visual material to make them more interesting. Here's a page I made for a WWI service card:

This is another page I have done, the photo is of my Great Grandparents and their family. I have called it A Moment In Time.

These are both very nice pages. I particularly like the way you brought in the WWI hospital. That is a terrific example of scrapping without people photos. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for the compliment on my page, Katrina. I have so few photos of earlier family members I was forced to think a bit more creatively. Images on old postcards are a great resource for creating a sense of place and time.
Wonderful! Like the way you connected your title with the clocks. :)
Gorgeous page. I love the postcard and the group photograph. You've done a great job.
I have uploaded as assortment of some of my papes in the photo section of Genealogy Wise

Enjoy and I hope you get some ideas for pages you can do from these. Many don't have
photos of the ancestors as the stories are before 1850s (before photography) There are many things
on the internet to help you get pictures and ideas for your personal private pages.
Marcia, these are some wonderful examples. Some of them make me wish these people ancestors were mine so I could use the pages. I love the one with the map and the post office. This is the kind of creativity that shows what can be done with no photos. Thank you for sharing these.
This is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking. I used it in a post at my blog, Genealogy Traces. It was a submission to the 74th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, Swimsuit Edition. The photo is of my mother and father, Leon Fremont Richards and Vernelle Gailey Richards. I used Adobe Photoshop 7 with free digital components from Marie Stones at Free Digital Scrapbooking. Katrina, you have my permission to use this photo on our "Home Page."

I have been pretty much all digital since I started scrapping. I have a blog with examples (click here) from the book I made that was through my great-grandparents. It was exciting to hold that hard-covered book in my hands when it arrived from the printer! Those not interested in genealogy seemed interested when they looked through these pages. I'm starting to work on my great-great-grandparents since I enjoyed doing the other pages so much. I'd also like to do a more in-depth book with records and more details on each person at some point.
Just looked at your blog. What a lovely way to preserve your family and share it with all.





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