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Until I joined this group, I was totally clueless about digital scrapping.  This all seems very interesting.  I have some questions:


1) Importing photos and clip art can be done in MS Word.  I have both Word and Photoshop Elements.  Which should I use?  Is one easier than the other for scrapping?  Pros and cons, please.


2) Is digital scrapping basically importing photos, clip art, and text into a document? 


3) I see there are kits that can be purchased.  Must you purchase a kit?  Or is it just a matter of being creative using your own photos and finding clip art online? 



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Very good questions! I too would like to know this information. I have seen all the cool kits on line and they are way cheaper. The only down side I see is that you dont have all the deminsions to your traditional pages.
Glad to give my own opinion. I prefer Elements but I work in Photoshop better than word. I am more comfortable with PS.

It is pretty much pasting digitally papers (backgrounds) elements like frames, flowers, ribbons and tags around your photo and then writing a short paragraph or so about the person, event or why you are saving this to a scrapbook.

You can buy kits and there are places where you can get mini kits free or make your own. I make my own as that is much of the love I have for this hobby. When I started I didn't have kits to buy so I scanned things took photos of other things and
that is how it began. You can join some of the scrapbook sites and go to chats or go to their classes to learn more.
They will work with PS elements and have tutorials to help you get started.
Marcia, can you recommend some sites that you know of with classes? I did some searching online a while ago and couldn't find anything that was truly helpful for a total beginner. Thanks!
Hey Marcia! Small world, eh? You guys, Marcia is the Queen of heritage scrapping....or any scrapping for that matter. She explained digital scrapbooking very well. You can do a scrap page in word, but you won't have much control over the placement of elements, and that's the biggest reason that digital scrappers use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to create their they can control the placement. You can buy digital kits at any digital scrap store. These kits will have background papers and elements (the ribbons, bows, journal tags, flowers, etc) for you to complete your page. There are remarkable freebies out there for the taking, many done by designers who later put them in a store to sell. My favorite pages are the ones where I have scanned items that belonged to my family. The most important thing in heritage scrapping is to tell the story, and to have fun! (and don't forget to put names and dates on your layout...years from now your family will appreciate it!)

Here's a good freebie site:

For information on digital scrapbookiing, a good place to start is the Digishoptalk forum, found here:

From this site you can access most of the stores. Most of these stores have forums where you will find tutorials. Here is a massive list of tutorials at just one site:
Mary, great point about the greater flexibility with PS Elements vs. Word. I don't want to devote tons of time to Word and then find out I would have been happier with Elements. I will explore the links this weekend. Thanks!
I certainly could be wrong, but my guess is that if you do your pages in word you will be redoing them in Elements down the road! LOL! I do use word a lot to compose my journaling, etc. so the two go hand in hand (sort of)
I've found some sites where you can download free digital kits: ) you will need to scroll through these three sites as I looked at them in July 2009 ) and found the free tutorials very good and easy to follow, there were also some ) freebies

Good luck!
Wow. This is all so amazing! I have so much to learn. I think I am going to explore all avenues, then decide on a direction. I want to gain some focus.



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