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Hi,  I have spent SO many hours, so many years, looking for my 5X great grandfather, Archibald Scott, but have finally decided that I have exhausted every avenue.  So many researchers have gotten to him and just start jumping at every ancestor or piece of info to close the gap, which I admit is very tempting, but I fear that much of the information is not correct.


What I have--


1) DNA matches show a connection between me and Archibald's son, Thomas Scott--born 1787 VA, died 1849 Franklin Co., GA.  My line is as follows:  Archibald Scott to Thomas Scott to Allen Scott to Asa C. "Acey" Scott to Charlie Archie Scott to Everett Clemmon Scott to my father, Charles Edwin Scott.


2) I have estate records from Archibald (Archer) Scott & Thomas Scott online from Franklin County, GA.  Archibald died sometime between 1811-1814.


3) I have the records of a friend of the family in Cedartown and Taylorsville, GA, who did extensive research into the Scott family who ended up in Polk Co., GA. Her research says that Archibald was born in Scotland abt 1765 and had 2 sons, Thomas & Robert, who were born in VA after he emigrated here. 


4) then I have information that Archibald was born in ALL of these places:


Castleton, Scotland

Camghouran, Perthshire, Scotland

Kilconquhar, Scotland, with father, Robert Scott b. 1748, who did have a son, Archibald born 1778


5) in the estate records, Archibald's wife is listed as Sarah, with no maiden name.  Somehow, this led many to jump and say that, when they found the marriage records in Craven Co., NC, of an Elige Scott marrying a Sarah Gray, that this must be Archibald and his middle name must be Elige.  ??? 


6). I have also seen birth dates for Archibald ranging from 1740 to 1778


7) and then the amazingly wonderful story which I wish was true that Archibald fought at Culloden in 1745, was captured and sent to Ireland, escaped and made his way to America.


8). The story in my family has been that we come from the same line as Sir Walter Scott.  That Sir Walter and I share Walter Beardie Scott--me with a few more Greats in front of grandfather than Sir Walter had.  Also a rumor that Sir Michael the Wizard is also in our line.


Walter Beardie Scott did have a son also named Walter b. 1711, who had descendants who immigrated to America, but I can find no further information on this.  (I did find a William Scott in Prince Edward, VA, said to be heir in the line of Walter Scott of Kelso (presumed to be Beardie) who hired Sir Walter Scott as his attorney for some business in Scotland.


PLEASE, if there is anyone out there who can add any clarification to this matter or has new information, I would so much appreciate it.  My father began me on this trek and we have shard the finding of new information with such joy.  He is turning 86 this summer and I would love to finally have some definitive information to give him.


Thank you in advance for any help in this quest.




Susan Scott Brouillard


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Interesting information.  Our line has that name but farther down the tree. Could be related to our's but I am stuck on 

Thomas Scott in Halifax Co. Ca later to be Pittsylvania Co.  His Will was in Halifax.  one of his sons went to NC just down the road.  Later seems they all ?? migrated where John (the son)went to Cumberland Co KY  Indian Territory.

I want if time gives me time to check the Scott's on the Jamestown group and the 2 Scott's that were on the Roanoke Island Group.  I will try to look at files soon. But husband goes hospital tomorrow.  So it will be a few days before I can check more data.

Thank you so much, Susi.  Any information you can provide would be very much appreciated.  Goiod luck with your husband's hospital visit.  Thanks again, Susan



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