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Hi all,

So I am researching my maternal great grandfather Nehemiah Jacob "Harry" Sanders b1890 in the Netherlands, son of Jacob Marcus Sanders and Betje Jacobson. My understanding is that his family moved to England ca 1900, unfortunately from there the trail goes pretty cold.

Based on the research I have done I have been able to trace some of the line in the Netherlands, unfortunately I have little if any information on the family following their move to England. Thru research I have found that Harry had several siblings including brothers Abraham, Isaac, Louis, and Marcus and sisters Sientje, Bernardina, and Eva, some of these siblings may have moved to the US just as Harry did (following a stint he had in Australia). I don't know if anyone ever returned to the Netherlands or if anyone had children.

My grandmother had very little information of her fathers family and as far as I know she only ever met them as a small child. But I do have research, photos, and stories to share if anyone wants to collaborate.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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