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I've been a RootsMagic fan for a loooong time...I started out with Family Origins, which eventually "morphed" into RootsMagic. I love so many features of RootsMagic, many of which were trendsetting in the genealogy software world, like having a pedigree view, or a source wizard (now called the citation manager). In fact, I have to say that the citation manager is my favorite part of makes citing sources so easy. I also love the clean, non-cluttered interface, the charts and reports I can create. So what are your favorite RootsMagic features?

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Victoria, we will be posting a set of video tutorials in the near future, and are looking into offering webinars down the road as well.
I just bought Roots magic and can't find out how to use the roots magic to go. I got it on my acer, but if I make changes at a library and want to put it back on my desktop roots magic how do I do it?

Also Family Tree Maker allows you to click f2 and type in the first few letters of a name which is easier than your name search. I like their report form too, could that be added to roots magic which is great for searching the new family search.
1. Here is a video describing how to use RootsMagic To-Go:

2. Just click the list of names and you can begin typing the name in RootsMagic.
Bobbie, I just saw your message. Did you figure out how to use RootsMagic To-Go? In RM you can just start typing letters (you don't have to press F2 or anything else first).
Hi, I am a RM fan. I graduated to RM3 from FTM. I wanted a UK type programme, and RM3 has fully met and exceeded my expectations.

I have as yet to create a self-starting CD. I wonder whether a self-starting / stand alone family tree can be loaded onto a Memory stick?



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