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Maybe someone can help me with the problem that I am having. I want to use a narrative report and
import it into a word processing program. Only 3 options to save this report to disk, pdf, txt and rtf (I'm
not counting the html.) The pdf format is the only that lets you keep the structure of the report the
way it is saved, the problem is that you cannot update a pdf file. You can save a pdf file to a txt file
but it does the same as roots magic saving in txt.

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The RTF file is intended for that purpose -- to import into a word processor. MS Word seems to do the best job with RTF files, while WordPerfect seems to have some minor problems. Open Office (OO) has extreme difficulties importing RTF files, even though it says it will support RTF files. If an RM RTF file is opened in Word and saved to RTF, the OO wp can read the file, as can WordPerfect. (Note that WordPad does not fully support RTF files and loses a lot of data and formatting if an RM RTF is opened in WordPad.)

The RTF file includes the full text of the narrative report keeping the headings and text formatting in tact, as well as including the sources entries as reference notes (endnotes or footnotes), the bibliography, and the index entries -- assuming you selected to have sources and indexes generated. You can make changes in the word processsor, but you will likely have to regenerate the indexes. RM3 includes the data for people entries, but you must generate the index after opening the RTF in the word processor. RM4 includes the data for people and place entries, and includes these indexes in the RTF file. If you make changes you must update/regenerate the indexes to reference the new page numbers.

If you regenerate the RTF file, the new file will not include any updates you added to the Word Processor files. Note that RM does not include photos or images of other documents in its Narrative reports. You can create a "book" in Publisher in RM and include photos in the Scrapbook pages, but these are not embedded within the text of the narrative report.
Bill, I save the Narrative report as a rtf file then opened it in word, saved it in word and then opened it in open office. Works great. RM will include the primary photo and it will only show up in a pdf file. No genealogy program that I
am aware of will print several pictures. I wanted to be able to print text and pictures of my great grandparents and their decendants in the context I choose and open office works well for that plus it is free.

Again thanks very much. I would have never thought of doing it that way.
Thanks Bill.

I have RM 4 and I was trying to read it in OO. I will try it with word and then try again in OO.

Will let you know how it works.

Again thanks.



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